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Monitor Articles for August 24, 2011

Hatua Likoni offers scholarships and mentors to Kenya's students
What happens to Apple now?
Nokia debuts 3 new Symbian phones, the beginning of the end
Lift app will be backed by Twitter founders. But what does Lift do?
Jorge Luis Borges: what made him so good?
Alabama judge casts doubt on harsh new illegal immigration law
Steve Jobs steps down as CEO, and an era ends at Apple
How could Virginia quake be felt in Canada and crack the Washington Monument?
Latest poll: Is Rick Perry now a shoo-in?
Paying people to ID violent sports fans: a winning idea?
Why Kerry Collins won't help the Indianapolis Colts
Hurricane Irene: why storm surge could be the biggest problem
Stocks stage afternoon rally; Gold plunges $104
What's the deal with the new Libyan flag?
Tom Perrotta talks about "The Leftovers"
Mr. Blair goes to Africa
Chocolate caramel brownies
The Monitor's View Libya's lessons for NATO – and US defense cuts
Three earthquakes in three days. More than coincidence?
Can the ICC successfully try Qaddafi?
Bank of America quashes merger talk
Outlook for federal budget improves after debt deal, CBO says
A NJ school issues an apology for sexual content in summer reading list
Strong earthquake hits northern Peru
Traditional sharing in Jordan's modern capital
Russia arrests high-ranking police officer in Anna Politkovskaya murder case
Sprint iPhone 5 to arrive in October: report
Hurricane Irene strengthens, targets North Carolina, New England
Where is Qaddafi now?
Opinion Send mediators to Washington
Has Sarah Palin exhausted the patience of her supporters?
Patti Smith: Just Kids autobiography to be a major motion picture
Libya rebels announce $1.7 million bounty for Qaddafi
Washington Monument closed by East Coast earthquake. What else?
The Way of the Panda: The Curious History of China's Political Animal
Russia's Medvedev eyes energy gains as he meets with North Korea's Kim Jong-il
Harnessing the sun’s power to make water flow
Could NATO's Libya mission be its last hurrah?
Jorge Luis Borges: The man behind the Google Doodle
Hurricane Irene: Why Aug. 20 is an important date for hurricane watchers
Rick Perry polling numbers: Keep an eye on intensity score
Virginia quake sets social networks abuzz with mockery
In China, land of cheap labor, a push for robots
Planning for Libya's transition shifts into high gear
Low borrowing rates can put people back to work
Nigeria clout to rise in post-Qaddafi Africa
Bestselling books the week of 8/25/11, according to IndieBound*
Lots of entrepreneurs in the 'Internet Class'
Liberia's referendum goes off peacefully, despite opposition boycott
Watermelon tuna ceviche
Earthquake plays havoc with East Coast cell networks
Refinance applications for mortgages fall
Medicare payments: US encourages bundling
Hurricane Irene strengthens to Category 3 over Bahamas
Qaddafi urges resistance as Libyan rebels make Tripoli their own
Three reasons Qaddafi won't seek exile in the Americas
Virginia quake: What the numbers say, and what you experience
Finding stability amid unrest
Flower arranging made simple with flea market finds
Forget cliff diving, Acapulco now known as hot spot in Mexico's drug war
'Facebook Law' challenged by Missouri teachers union
BlackBerry Curve: Three new models, one new OS