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Monitor Articles for August 23, 2011

How does Obama want to reshape preschools? Education Department shows its hand.
Late mortgage payments on the rise
Virginia quake: Top five political jokes on Twitter
Can Facebook get teachers fired?
East Coast earthquake: How does a 5.9 temblor happen in Virginia?
Strauss-Kahn rape case dropped: A 'bad message' to vulnerable women?
Which private citizens, besides Martin Luther King, have Mall memorials?
Congress, spooked by summer town halls, tries jobs fairs instead
Virginia quake: What was the damage on the East Coast? [VIDEO]
Turkish bombing campaign against PKK signals shift in strategy
Stocks jump; Dow notches best gain in 2 weeks
West Africa Rising: Nigeria sends two new satellites into space
Libya erupts as Qaddafi's compound falls to rebels
Great place to learn economics? Try a pawn shop.
How the US-Ugandan strategy of chasing the LRA backfires
Spitzer lawsuit: Ex-N.Y. gov. faces $90M defamation lawsuits
Is that Boehner we hear? Nope, that would be Obama.
Hurricane Irene hurtles toward North Carolina, may skirt Florida (VIDEO)
Maru the cat hopes to be the next literary sensation
Will Africa miss Qaddafi?
Global Viewpoint Gordon Brown: Germany must drop blame game and save the euro
Stan Lee Media sues for 'Conan' rights
Global Viewpoint Regime change in Syria and Iran will come only if people unite as in Libya
Should the Lockerbie bomber go back to jail?
The Monitor's View Obama's rationale for Libya war may still stand
European stocks rise for second day
Virginia quake shakes up Washington, New York City
Lil Wayne accident: Why skateboarders should wear helmets
Inventory of new homes reaches record low
Opinion Libya endgame: Lessons for Syria's protesters
Is Qaddafi in Tripoli?
Has Ron Paul become electable?
Tripoli has fallen and ... the battle for Tripoli rages on
Apple rumors point to cheaper iPhone 4
Missouri Facebook Law: why can’t teachers and students be friends?
States' bottom line improves, but can the good news last?
Hurricane Irene video by NASA astronaut
Deadly tensions over land on the rise in Honduras
Opinion British riots: Cameron clashes with basic law
Calderón administration slams Mexico's state governments for spiraling debt
Why is Jon Huntsman running to the political middle?
Libya's rebel government moving to Tripoli to head off power vacuum
Libyan-Americans, seeing turning point, pitch in to support rebels' cause
Hurricane Irene lashes Dominican Republic, heads for Bahamas, US
Want a space vacation? Russia luxury hotel in orbit will start at $1 million a week
Why I will not take part in a South African 'SlutWalk'
Is recycling outdated?
Oil stocks up as battle rages on in Libya
The Sugar Barons: Family, Corruption, Empire, and War in the West Indies
Are we awash in a sea of fabricated reviews?
2012 Camry debuts amid tough competition
Porktastic cabbage and kielbasa
Colorado earthquake is largest in four decades
Libya rebels lose territory as battle for Tripoli deepens
Hurricane Irene getting bigger, stronger
God's grace can dissolve polarization
Decorative garden chairs and benches
Hurricane Irene strengthens, puts Bahamas in its sights