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Monitor Articles for August 17, 2011

iPhone 5 shipping on October 7: report
Casey Anthony appeal: probation a 'vindictive act by a glaringly biased judge'
Obama's three-day jobs tour: Did he connect with rural America?
Obama at town hall meetings: Do voters blame him for the economy?
Can Rick Perry snatch the New Hampshire primary from Mitt Romney?
HP eyes webOS tablets, cars – and kitchen appliances?
Downy skullcap: A tough and attractive native plant
Can the US compete if only 32 percent of its students are proficient in math?
Report: Child poverty rate hits 20 percent in US as families struggle
Stocks close slightly higher on earnings reports
Jackie Chan lives, but so do celebrity death hoaxes
Monitor Breakfast Watch out incumbents and Mitt Romney: Tea party is frowning at you
Carrot cake cookies
The Monitor's View A 'moral' spring in India and China
"Oil Kings" and "Barbarians of Oil"
Are the media scared of Ron Paul?
Manufacturing Hysteria: A History of Scapegoating, Surveillance, and Secrecy in Modern America
Euro debt crisis 101: What can Merkel, Sarkozy plan accomplish?
Nigeria: Could the Sultan of Sokoto open the door to talks with Boko Haram?
AAA credit rating affirmed by Fitch
Top 10 highest paid authors of 2011
Budget hawks, doves deadlocked? Send in the foxes!
Texas and the government are chummier than you'd think
Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann get on the campaign bus bandwagon
Did Glenn Beck just jump the shark in Israel?
Libyan rebels edge toward Tripoli assault
Rick Perry says Fed should open its books
Zucchini eggplant napoleons
Opinion Obama forfeits respect in Asia by letting Taiwan down – hard
Another Rick Perry book?
Americans love teachers but split over teachers’ unions, poll shows
ACT scores up, more US students ready for college
Capybara discovered near California sewage treatment plant (video)
Steve Jobs biography release date pushed up
Apps for Good: technical innovation from the minds and thumbs of disadvantaged youths
LeBron James gets dunked on in Taiwan. Was he going easy on them? (VIDEO)
Democrats win in latest Wisconsin recall. Is state a little less red now?
New US military transport contract aims to end diversion of money to Taliban
Opinion Drilling for oil in Arctic Ocean is fraught with danger
Snow in New Zealand: Pleading for end to epic wintery blast
Why Pierre de Fermat is the patron saint of unfinished business
Dell stock drops, company cuts forecast
Iran welcomes Russian effort to restart nuclear negotiations [VIDEO]
God's provision and protection in the Horn of Africa
Police investigate Australia 'collar bomb' suspect's links to teenage girl's family
$1.1 million bus used by Obama has high-tech defenses – but what are they?
PlayStation 3 price drop: Enough to bolster Sony sales?
Is an LTE iPhone coming this year?