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Monitor Articles for July 27, 2011

Stormtrooper helmet designer triumphs over George Lucas
US debt crisis: Is Obama's leadership style suited to the moment?
Debt ceiling: How would investors react to a default?
Why I'm not growing China asters this year
US debt downgrade is possible, not inevitable
Detroit survival plan would cut services to some residents, but not all
Echoing US, Britain recognizes Libya's rebels: What do they gain?
Detroit goes green? Carmakers must average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025
Victory for stem-cell research: Court backs Obama's guidelines
Now, Arizona wants donations to build its own fence on Mexico border
Stocks sink as US comes closer to a default
5 ways in which the "Harry Potter" magic lives on
Debt-ceiling plans face CBO fire: Does either cut as much as promised?
Donovan McNabb reportedly headed to Vikings, while other NFL players line up new deals
How Afghanistan civilian deaths have changed the way the US military fights
Gazans hit the beach, surfboards in hand
Kale and almond pesto
The Monitor's View South Asian Spring?
Four Afghan officials targeted in recent assassinations
Monitor Breakfast Tea party fires warning shots at both parties in Congress (video)
Stocks fall as lawmakers remain at odds over debt
As Norway names dead, religious leaders and counselors offer comfort to a nation
Niger's new leader faced coup attempt for pursuing corruption investigation
Kandahar mayor killed by suicide bomber, latest in wave of assassinations
Monitor Breakfast John Boehner faces a tea party revolt over debt-ceiling crisis (video)
International groups accelerate effort to relieve East Africa's famine
Global Viewpoint West must support democracy in Arab world as it did in Central Europe
Solution to US debt woes isn't economic. It's social.
US military officials in Iraq warn of growing Iranian threat
Whole Foods charity: Get healthy food to kids
Will Amazon be expanding in India?
Pakistan's foreign minister: The face of a new generation of peace with India?
Nick Davies will write about phone hacking scandal in "HackAttack"
John Hughes World to US: ‘You’re No. 2’ – but can China be No. 1?
Difference Maker Walter Lewin is 'hands on' helping students grasp physics
Trapped Chilean miners to appear on the big screen
Counteracting urban blight
India, Pakistan talks target rebuilding of trust
China's farmers see hope in effort to stem soil erosion caused by Three Gorges Dam
China's Three Gorges project: A huge dam with big troubles
Walmart video rental service takes on Netflix
Hedge funds regulation: It's not working out
Antiques Roadshow sets record with rhinoceros horn cups