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Monitor Articles for July 25, 2011

What was accomplished in Obama and Boehner speeches?
2,000-year-old bell found in Jerusalem rings again
Who will buy Hulu? Eyes turn to Apple.
RIM cuts 2,000 jobs. Can the company bounce back?
Dueling debt-ceiling plans: Can either pass Congress?
Amy Winehouse album: the pluses and pitfalls of a posthumous release
Federal court: If you're arrested, officials can take a DNA sample
Chicago police use more deadly force as gang war heats up
Impasse over US debt limit sends stocks lower
Norwegians rally around victims as Breivik appears in court
Does "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" work as a movie?
Why investors turn to gold amid debt-ceiling uncertainty
Work at home: Take pay cut. Come out ahead.
Hugo Chávez no longer lying low
Obama bemoans Congress's inaction on immigration reform, too
Report: Climate change will have huge impact on Sahel
NFL deal reached: 'Football is back,' let the Brett Favre watch begin
Norway attacks put spotlight on Europe's right-wing parties. Who are they?
Michael Phelps ready for individual events at world championships
Friendliest country in Asia for entrepreneurs? Try Indonesia.
Norway massacre: Breivik manifesto attempts to woo India's Hindu nationalists
Meatless Monday: Zucchini tomato goulash
Syria introduces law allowing independent political parties
Norwegian terrorist stirs multiculturalism opponents
Norway massacre likely to ramp up monitoring of right-wing groups
Leave It Better organization gets kids excited about veggies through gardening
Another Earth: Marshall and the Movies review
The Nook finally bests the Kindle
The Monitor's View How to react to Norway shootings
They're calling George R.R. Martin "better than Tolkien." Really?
Man accused in Norway attacks 'acted with intent of terror' – judge
Daniel Okrent, author of "Last Call," talks about Prohibition
As US troops begin drawdown in Afghanistan, violence threatens Pakistan border
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 25, 2011
Tragedy in Norway: Where is the love that takes care of us all?
Why I became a rock gardener
Opinion Liberate liberal arts from the myth of irrelevance
Knights Templar: In Mexico, like Norway, criminals look to past for legitimacy
Bond market crumbling? No, world still hopeful on US debt deal.
North Korean official to visit US for preliminary talks
Monitor Breakfast GOP Pollsters Say Obama Must Pull Voters Back from Brink of Anger