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Monitor Articles for July 22, 2011

John Boehner walks out of White House debt-ceiling talks. What now?
Verizon iPhone activations still trail those of AT&T
Star Wars: The Old Republic available for pre-order
The Norway terror attacks? Nationalist motives may be root cause.
Assailant of 'Harold & Kumar' actor sentenced to three years
Five ways US default would hit your pocketbook
Why America's power grid is weathering the heat wave
Norway attacks: Details emerge about Utoya camp shooting
Norway attacks: the latest terror strikes in Western Europe
The metamorphosis of 'Murdochgate'
Father of accused N.Y. subway bomber convicted of conspiracy
More illegal immigrants deported for traffic offenses. Problem for Obama?
Alexander Calder: Why today's Google logo is just the beginning
Tech earnings help stocks end week with solid gain
Weekly News Quiz for July 18-22, 2011
Recipes to beat the heat!
Obama holds another town hall on debt ceiling: How much is too much?
The Myth of The American Sleepover: movie review
Passione: movie review
Antiterror laws could impede US aid for Somalia famine victims
The forgotten victims of the East Africa famine
East Africa's famine, by the numbers
The Monitor's View Missing ingredient for a debt ceiling deal
Where did life exist on Mars? NASA chooses landing site for Curiosity rover
Norway attacks: Oslo bombing puts Norway on edge (VIDEO)
Despite a nearly complete absence of popular demand for such a product, engineers develop smell-o-vision
Those who knew Hugo Chávez the boy still support Hugo Chávez the president
Wall Street, wary but expectant, awaits debt ceiling deal from D.C.
No debt-ceiling talk here: Michelle Obama on Better Homes and Gardens cover
Deadly bombing causes damage at Norwegian government offices in Oslo(VIDEO)
Summer salad contest winner
Dog bites shark. Is that normal?
US heat wave: 5 places that make it look milder
A president, a shower head, and freedom of expression in South Africa
John Edwards: $2.3 million must be paid back by campaign committee
Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits: Movie review
Captain America: The First Avenger - Movie review
'Clean' team winning Tour de France by nearly 12 minutes
Four ways to survive heat wave – and keep energy bills down
Opinion American manufacturing needs skilled workers
Explosion damages Norwegian government building in Oslo
Pearl Harbor skull unearthed, may be Japanese pilot
A visit to a slave garden
Amid riots, Malawi's president issues harsh warning to opposition
What Grover Norquist means by 'no new taxes'
Why are Somalia's militants clamping down on famine aid?
Stocks to open down over debt impasse
South China Sea deal eases US-China tension
'Give yourself to love'
Stocks are up, Greece is saved!
Opinion US soccer loss to Japan: A win for global security?
Courtroom Skype helps reunite Mexican family
Kashmiris respond to arrest of alleged secret agent in Washington
5 fascinating World War II novels
Kobe Bryant may join Turkish team Besiktas
Star Wars Xbox 360: Use the Force, controller-free
Bankruptcy judge says OK to huge Borders sale