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Monitor Articles for July 21, 2011

Microsoft: record earnings, but shares fall
Google Labs is a goner, but its legacy will live on
Trillion-dollar question in debt-ceiling talks: What can pass the House?
NFL lockout ends as owners approve new deal. Now what?
How Comic-Con went from geek to Hollywood megabucks
You hack, we shoot: Pentagon discusses armed counterstrikes to cyberattacks
Heirloom vegetables: Are they better than hybrids?
Heat wave: Can the power grid handle it?
Space shuttle program ends: Were Americans sad to see it go?
EU leaders agree on Greek bailout. Turning point in euro crisis?
Zillow real estate site reaps big rewards with IPO
The Monitor's View Hillary Clinton and Asia's watery flashpoint
European debt deal sends markets higher
Junk Food Day: Is it OK to celebrate?
Why do Japanese bonds have such low yields?
Egypt's military rulers ban foreign election observers
Nubans trapped in northern Sudanese territory
Is Colombia's FARC rebounding?
Justin Kelly joins the cast of 'Degrassi'
Malawi riots spread as president blames Britain, IMF for economic woes
Opinion Debt debate: the myth of the good old days before big government
Election 101: Eleven facts about Buddy Roemer and his presidential bid
Hawaii snakes: Smuggled reptiles threaten islands' fragile ecosystem
Introducing Roku 2: A tiny video streaming box with a tinier price
Yosemite waterfall accident a cautionary tale for Yosemite visitors
Oil futures top $100 a barrel
NFL owners huddle in Atlanta. Hail Mary pass needed to save preseason?
As NATO pulls back, Afghans worry about Taliban's return
Helena Bonham Carter up for 'Lone Ranger' role
Zambian banana plantation teaches at-risk youth useful life skills
Hugh Grant wins legal victory in hacking case
Debit cards to get lower swipe fees. But will consumers benefit?
Fish (or scallop) ceviche
Apple's 'natural scrolling' feels horribly unnatural. Here's why.
South Sudan: 5 key questions answered
'Harry Potter' to appear on Google Books this fall
US is right to give aid to Somalia, despite risk of helping Al Shabab
Space shuttle era ends, leaving big void for area firms
Brazilian President Rousseff's first semester marred by battles with Congress, scandal
Home sales stay flat in June
Pluto moon discovery hints at future surprises for NASA probe
Opinion Famine in Horn of Africa is as deserving of American help as a tsunami or earthquake
Syria threatens to expel US ambassador
Homeowners still in denial
Hacker arrests: Why Anonymous might not be so anonymous
Top Picks: Google+, Wonders of the Universe, vintage photography, and more
Finding answers through trusting God
With Atlantis landing, an era ends. Are private space firms ready for duty?
The Battle of Bull Run: The Civil War's first taste of horror
Qaddafi could step down and stay? That's not going to happen.
Nom de Plume: A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms, by Carmela Ciuraru
Borders: A pioneer exits. Will its trail vanish, too?
Apple MacBook Air gets fresh specs, new OS
Kim Kardashian sues over Old Navy model's likeness