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Monitor Articles for July 19, 2011

Aung San Suu Kyi leads thousands in Yangon march
Patents battle: Kodak wins round against Apple
Google+ iPhone app goes live
Anonymous apparently target of sweeping FBI crackdown
'Gang of Six' plan hailed as debt-ceiling breakthrough. What's in it?
Drought and wildfire threaten America's cattle capital
Murdoch scandal: How are his big US media outlets covering it?
Who has final say over the fate of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant?
'Gang of Six' revives hope for big deal in stalled debt-ceiling talks
Obama, in stand for gay rights, calls for repeal of DOMA
Stocks rebound on earnings, debt-limit proposal
During Hillary Clinton's India visit, nuclear power is front and center
Israeli activists shift from Palestinian cause to pocketbook concerns
The Monitor's View Wanted: Alternatives to school discipline
Rupert Murdoch: Scandal, phone hacking, and foam whacking (VIDEO)
Mocha pudding cake
Brazilian soccer clubs flexing new financial muscle
So who are Libya's rebels exactly?
Retirement contributions: When should they delay debt repayment?
Uganda's booming grasshopper industry leaps over tradition
Monitor Breakfast Gallup chief puzzled by Obama's poll numbers
'Cut, cap, and balance' vs. 'gang of six' plan: Which for House GOP?
Doha agreement could actually worsen chances for peace in Darfur
Stocks soar after Obama signals progress on debt limit talks
Why defense spending keeps rising. (Hint: It's not just the wars.)
Which is bigger: California or Los Angeles? Most fourth graders aren't sure.
Is US a nation of liars? Casey Anthony isn't the only one.
Obama: progress on debt limit talks
Russian telescope launch pulls national space program out of black hole
Herman Cain: GOP presidential candidate says he'd attack Iran if they strike at Israel
After Baghdad's violence, young Iraqi tackles new test: freshman year
Iraqi torture victim's tale reveals nation's darker side
Opinion US businesses don’t succeed in spite of government. They succeed because of it.
Rupert Murdoch hearing interrupted by foam pie attack(VIDEO)
Afghanistan's test case: NATO handover in Laghman Province
Borders closing remaining stores
Monitor Breakfast Gallup's pollster: Debt ceiling battle won't matter by Election 2012
Africa's summer of strikes
Is Syria's uprising taking a sectarian turn?(VIDEO)
Iraqi deal in the works to suspend execution of Saddam-era officials
Michele Bachmann: Who are the anti-Bachmann bloggers?
West Africa Rising: Visits by Cameron, Merkel speak to Africa's growing economy
Eurozone summit won't fix Greek debt crisis quickly, Merkel says
When a US newspaper first felt the Murdoch touch
The music of 'Harry Potter': A glockenspiel and E minor make for an iconic theme song
Phoenix dust storm makes for dangerous driving and delays flights (Video)
Rio de Janeiro's new hazard: exploding manholes
Debt worries loom, but stocks move up
Emma Watson to star in Guillermo del Toro's 'Beauty and the Beast'
Cut, cap, and balance: What does it mean? The highlights.
Jane Fonda: QVC axed appearance over Vietnam War comments
A recovery? Small businesses aren't so sure.
Mexican corn salad
Groupon's new rival – American Express – offers deals with a twist
Dandelions in the lawn: Don't spray them, eat them.
Top 10 real-life adventure stories
Energy that is plentiful and safe
Murdoch's moment: What's at stake for News Corp. in phone-hacking hearings(VIDEO)
US officials meet Qaddafi representatives. More talks to come?
How the Hippies Saved Physics, by David Kaiser
Droid Bionic gets sign-up screen, but no release date
Emma Watson to return to Brown University
Americans want iPhone, buy Android
Ja Rule sent to prison for two years
Cash Cab accident devastates families, driver