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Monitor Articles for July 18, 2011

Military benefits? Not for gay couples in armed forces.
'Harry Potter' breaks records: three trends behind the success
Carmageddon brought out the 'very best' in people. What about next time?
Debt ceiling: Is new GOP plan a step forward or a waste of time?
Report: More Americans have green jobs than oil or gas jobs
Gold market: Even US debt accord won't slow rally for long
Why GOP vows to block Obama nominee for consumer-watchdog agency
The wave of Afghan assassinations underscores a complicated security situation
Debt worries drag down the stock market
Michele Bachmann leaning towards spending limit pledge
What hath God wreaked?
Rick Perry's most rapt audience: Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney
Nelson Mandela's birthday prompts national outpouring of service
Central US steams in a 'heat dome.' Mid-Atlantic braces for same.
Abby Wambach and US women already looking to future
The Monitor's View Murdoch hacking scandal: A lesson for news consumers
A helpline for northeastern Indians dogged by harassment
Rwanda documentary film premieres online to raise money for genocide memorial (video)
Congo conflict minerals bill hurts the miners it hopes to help
Opinion What North and South Sudan need now: more women at the negotiating table
Opinion Debt talks and tax cuts: Save young Americans from slavery
'Putin's Army' tries sexy messaging ahead of 2012 elections
An argument for further dividing Africa
Scotland Yard top ranks see resignations from phone hacking scandal
Phone hacking rocks Scotland Yard, News Corp. – and Cameron?
Brazil's new arms-trafficking frontier? The sea
Kashmir's David vs Goliath battle against corruption
Bolivia drops out of UN drug pact to protect its coca chewers
Amending Social Security: how to's surface during national debt talks
The future of the cookbook
NFL lockout ending? Gauge the yelling.
Expanding Murdoch scandal claims second Scotland Yard officer
A day off at the Tour de France: Not exactly restful
Maternova brings new solutions to old problems of midwifery, maternal mortality
Washington theatrics are over. Now it's GOP kids on reality TV.
Egyptian cabinet reshuffle fails to satisfy protesters
What's behind the wave of assassinations in Afghanistan(VIDEO)
John Boehner’s moment of truth
UN court orders troop drawdown in Thai-Cambodia temple row
Top US diplomat to Latin America departs with no replacement in sight
More precious than gold
Crisis-weary Japan lifted by World Cup victory
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 18, 2011
Top 8 books about horses
America doesn't need a debt limit
How will colleges innovate?
How to grow and prepare blueberries
US General Petraeus hands over command in Afghanistan amid wave of attacks
Libya's rebels stage bold offensive on oil town of Brega
Health-care costs: Debt talks boost Medicare reform plans
Difference Maker Naomi Oreskes: fierce defender of climate change science – and scientists
Interest rates: Will savers ever see them rise again?
I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59, by Douglas Edwards
Meatless Monday: Polenta breakfast wraps
Monitor Breakfast Moody's economist Zandi sees US economic positives amid gloom