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Monitor Articles for July 15, 2011

Credit cards see more profits, less late payments
Zooey Deschanel tapped to sing 'Pooh' movie song
Harry Potter is just like ... what? Five leading templates for comparison.
Carmageddon? Please! Four of the world's worst traffic jams.
All of a sudden, Congress is full of debt ceiling solutions
Economic bright spot: bargain-hunting foreigners flocking to US
Minnesota government shutdown nears an end, but at what cost?
Study: Forests absorb much more greenhouse gas than previously known
Rupert Murdoch: His empire under attack, a media potentate stumbles
Stocks close losing week with a day of gains
Obama says 80 percent of public backs his debt ceiling option. Really?
Germany's trouble with abandoning nuclear power
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for July 11-15, 2011
Russia grounds about 200 planes, cutting off distant regions
Dawn arrives at Vesta: Will scientists find a water-coated protoplanet?
Salvation Boulevard: movie review
Chile looks below the surface for music
Tabloid: movie review
Life, Above All: movie review
Debt ceiling adversaries take a time out to face the microphones
Japan tackles mountains of trash left in tsunami's wake
Former Egyptian militants turn to politics
What tax cuts can and can't do for the economy
After 'painful' blunder, green card lottery results released today
UN says 'condemnation is insufficient' for atrocities in Sudan's South Kordofan
Do European banks need tougher stress tests?
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarkozy expecting first child
If debt ceiling talks yield no deal, how bad for US economy?
Mumbai blasts raise terrorism concerns, but not calls for political change
Can green energy help Palestinians unplug from Israel?
Hunker down or flee? Los Angelenos gird for 'carmageddon' on I-405
Bahrain opposition on verge of pulling out of government talks
John Edwards criminal trial set for October
'Strike season' comes to South Africa
Two-headed snake on display at Ukrainian zoo
Gulf oil spill aftermath: 'Drill, baby, drill' era may be gone forever
Rock 'n' Roll: Nostalgic for the summer of 1971
US recognition of Libya rebels could bring more funds
Citigroup posts 6th quarterly profit in 2Q
Opinion A eulogy for books, but long live stories
Amazon tablets mix best of Kindle and iPad: report
Haven returns: A Q&A with Eric Balfour
Rebekah Brooks resigns as News International CEO
Opinion Harry Potter's true service to my generation: Muggles united
A Kurdish family's loss symbolizes northern Iraq's unmet promise
Caprese pasta salad
Mexico high court rules military abusers should be tried in civilian courts
'Conan the Barbarian' star Jason Momoa answers fans' questions
Rainbow toad: Found after 87 years, first photo ever
Where home and grace meet
In frozen Siberia, Russia tries to seed a start-up culture
Mumbai attacks spark outrage in city fed up with terrorism
Internet stocks: Google takes off
Savings bonds to go digital in January
5 new romance novels
"Game of Thrones" quiz for die-hard fans
Spotify gets ready to eat your iTunes for lunch