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Monitor Articles for July 13, 2011

Saggy pants arrest thrown out by prosecutors
Netflix hikes rates, feels wrath
Microsoft challenges competition with new phones, Windows 8 preview
Five alternatives to Netflix
Heat wave: Four things that will rise with the temperatures
Are Happy Meals doomed? 19 restaurant chains pledge healthier kids' meals
Nuclear safety review: how US plants could handle a Fukushima-type event
'Sister Wives' family sues to prevent prosecution for polygamy
US soccer: Women back in World Cup final as Rapinoe comes to the rescue, again
Bigger threat to Michele Bachmann: Media scrutiny or Rick Perry?
Stock rally fades as hopes dim for more stimulus
Why Pakistan wants to keep that $800 million in aid, after all
In World Cup semifinal, US spirit tops French finesse
News International legal chief out. Is James Murdoch in line of fire?
Unfinished Jane Austen manuscript goes up for auction
The Open Government Partnership – a new direction for US foreign policy?
Last known dinosaur: Fossil find suggests meteor caused extinction
Key people to watch as News of the World scandal unfolds
Mullen visits China to mend military ties, but South China Sea disputes steal spotlight
Thailand's opposition radio keeps its volume up
EU unveils plan to revive dwindling fish stocks
In Libya's west, rebels rise amid rights concerns, growing pride
Walter Rodgers US should cut aid to Pakistan for its 'War of Terror' on women
Human trafficking: Private citizens deputized in the global fight
Ben Bernanke: High unemployment rate to persist, even as economy revives [VIDEO]
Medal of Honor awarded to US Army sergeant for Afghan action
Medvedev takes on Russia's outdated military-industrial complex
Murdoch abandons BSkyB bid in rare business defeat
Wisconsin recall: no upsets yet, but three more votes to go
Mumbai blasts: three explosions rock India's commercial capital
After Karzai, who will fill the power void in Kandahar?
What Obama's record fundraising haul means for Election 2012
Why America should care about Europe’s economy
'Reverse ferret!' Can Rupert Murdoch limit tabloid scandal fallout?
What are the pressures that drive Britain's tabloid culture?
Getting married? Six steps in financial planning for newlyweds.
Opinion US interests in Iraq: Like a good neighbor, Turkey is there
China's Great Wall: A beautiful barrier
In America's Deep South, a front seat for Freedom Riders
Betty Ford fondly remembered at California memorial service(VIDEO)
Crime, drug news shouldn't overshadow Latin America's growing economy
Strawberry lime popsicles
Debt ceiling debate: the opportunity costs
Do you want to see inside the mind of Casey Anthony?
Taiwan apologizes to Israel for Nazi photo gaffe
Top 10 moments from the Harry Potter series
Was the space shuttle worth it?
USA vs. France: How Women's World Cup 2011 could be game-changer
US leans on Guatemala to enforce trade pact
In harmony with all creatures
US, international opinion turns sharply against Syria's Assad
Trademark infringement: EU court sees responsibilities of online retailers
In Syria, attacks on embassies don't happen without permission: former US official
China's got talent - and its own Susan Boyle
On China, by Henry Kissinger
Countdown to "Harry Potter": How well do you know "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"?
Electric cars get a closer look in Japan after nuclear crisis
Netflix increases prices, risks losing customers to Redbox