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Monitor Articles for June 7, 2011

Fukushima meltdown could be template for nuclear terrorism, study says
Dr. Dre settles 'Chronic' lawsuit out of court
Tech stocks leader: Up 3,000 percent. Who is it?
Pennsylvania eyes natural gas tax on biggest US find
Casey Anthony murder trial: Was police handler giving testimony from a dog?
Japanese astronaut to grow cucumbers in space
CERN scientists 'trap' antimatter for more than 16 minutes
LeBron James in spotlight off-court, too. Is he selling caffeine to kids?
Michelle Obama: A first lady undercover and carving her own path
Tim Pawlenty's plan to revive the US economy: the 'Google Test'
As 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal nears, concerns crop up on both sides
Bestselling books the week of 6/9/11, according to IndieBound*
Rx for a double-dip recession: Cut government spending by 15 percent
Stocks end down for fifth day after Bernanke
Tiger Woods will not play in US Open
The Monitor's View Merkel state visit: Germany and its leadership deficit
"Gone With the Wind" quiz: How well do you know America's favorite novel?
NATO steps up Libya bombing, but Qaddafi is defiant. Can he be driven out?
At Mycelium school students grow, absorb, and latch onto new ideas
West Africa Rising: Why Indian firms are bidding to buy up Nigeria's decrepit electrical grid
Did Syria's ambassador to France just quit?
Bahrain protests and Obama's 'drop by' diplomacy
Bryce Harper immature? A little, but humble and worth every penny.
Zombie spending and US debt
Germany to phase out nuclear power. Could the US do the same?
Kid Icarus: Uprising kicks off next round of Nintendo 3DS games
Austria's one-stop shop for chocolate, animals, and sustainability
Ghana takes steps to avoid oil curse
Ali Abdullah Saleh may be hurt worse than previously thought: Sources
Obama loses a top economic adviser. In this economy, is that a good thing?
Underdog candidate Carstens takes on IMF's European tradition
Interest rates on student loans: when things get fishy
Parkersburg, Iowa, emerges as model for tornado recovery
Ford: Small cars will represent 55 percent of sales by 2020
Community gardening grows in popularity
'Super 8' star Joel Courtney talks about his debut film and J.J. Abrams
Global Viewpoint US should support Arab Spring, not Saudi Arabia's dangerous reaction
E. coli's economic impact on Europe, by the numbers
Midnight in Paris: movie review
Medo the Slovenian brown bear cub makes a cute pet – for now
Paying to protect credit score, from underwater
The Wave: movie review
7 reasons we still give a damn about "Gone With the Wind"
Libya: Why the old 'quagmire' chestnut may not apply
Congressman Anthony Weiner: Why Democrats are extra mad at him
Nick Offerman of 'Parks and Recreation' offers his views on life, Los Angeles and his character, Ron Swanson
Opinion Tyrants in Africa: little states, big problems
Bahrain campaign to humiliate Shiites goes beyond politics
Opinion Painful truth of debt crisis: We must raise taxes, even on the middle class
Mexican drug traffickers' latest weapon: 'monster' narco-tanks
Mexico peace tour: a cathartic turnout against drug violence in San Luis Potosí
'Covert Affairs' Piper Perabo may find herself working with 'White Collar's' Matt Bomer
E. coli outbreak prompts political fights, calls for reform
US losing its technological edge? No!
Forbidden in France: the words 'Twitter' and 'Facebook'
Good hours, not more hours
How Pakistan's border region could get a few more good 'minutemen'
PlayStation Vita, the Ferrari of portable gaming, costs $249
Olive oil gelato
US, worried about Al Qaeda in Yemen, urges Saleh to step down immediately
McCain visits Burma, but will calls for change backfire?
On wolves and other endangered species
Semiconductors giant Intel: from high-tech to commodities?
Man With a Pan
Reader recommendation: God Is Not Great
Oil, stocks on downhill slope