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Monitor Articles for June 30, 2011

Debt crisis: Senate cancels holiday leave, but will it accomplish anything?
Looking for a Google+ invite? Either get comfortable - or get crafty.
Casey Anthony trial: Should jurors be allowed to smell the evidence?
Mark Halperin suspended indefinitely from MSNBC: When language bites
What to do for Social Media Day? Get connected!
US prisoners sentenced under strict crack cocaine laws get relief
Civil rights survey: 3,000 US high schools don't have math beyond Algebra I
Los Alamos fire could become the largest in New Mexico history
How the FBI and Interpol trapped the world's biggest Butterfly botnet
Verbal Energy The doubts of the riot kiss photographer
Prayers optional: A vacation spent at Italy's religious guesthouses
Editor's choice: Turn Right at Machu Picchu
Reader recommendation: Independence, by Kate Kasserman
iPhone birthday: How Apple forever changed the smart phone game
Stocks rise as Greece clears final bailout hurdle
Why airplanes make it rain or snow
Senate confirms Petraeus as CIA chief; Pakistan confirms his job will be tough
Longest bridge over water opens in China
Campaign 2012: what fundraising totals will tell us about the candidates
Man grabs French leader Sarkozy, is detained [Video]
Oxford comma is alive, well, and still in use
Venezuelan supporters pray for Hugo Chávez amid health concerns [VIDEO]
Why Minnesota? Possible state shutdown mirrors larger US debate
Casey Anthony trial: Her father spoke of 'accident,' alleged mistress says
HP TouchPad review roundup
Democracy protesters sexually assaulted, beaten in Iraq
The Monitor's View Legalize betting for online poker?
The uncomplicated charms of Zimbabwe
Denis Mukwege helps women ravaged by Congo war
Top 5 credit cards for world travel
Hitting the beach for the Fourth of July? How to check a beach's water safety.
One easy way to raise $1 trillion
'Royal Pains' star Brooke D'Orsay talks about the new season
Stephen Colbert gets OK for 'super PAC.' What will he use it for?
Have a low-interest debt? Hurry up, and pay it off!
Oil prices go up, but gas prices go down. What's going on?
African incumbents face public anger in upcoming votes
Marvel Studios follows Pixar's lead, the future of short films
Top Picks: 4th of July on PBS, letters to Harry Potter, jazz masters, and more
Cows stroll to save New England farms
French journalists return home after Afghanistan hostage ordeal [VIDEO]
'Two and a Half Men' will kill off Charlie Sheen
UN tribunal indicts Hezbollah members in Hariri assassination
Opinion For women's career equality: parent-friendly work, Equal Rights Amendment
Q&A with Jerry Rothwell, director of 'Donor Unknown'
Social media: Did Twitter and Facebook really build a global revolution?
Prince Albert of Monaco prepares to wed, despite rumors to contrary
'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' will have 'very, very good' 3D effects
Khaled Said verdict – and Egyptian justice – delayed again
Canada Day: William and Kate make their international married debut
The little woman behind a very big war
"Game of Thrones" quiz: the final episode of Season One
Iraq combat operations over?
Larry Crowne: Blogger movie review
Ready for a 'Facebook phone'? AT&T unveils the HTC Status
Evolution of a border crossing: US to tout fortified fence in Nogales
NATO says it has killed a senior Haqqani militant in Afghanistan
Exposure to entrepreneurship in school matters
Amanda Knox DNA evidence contested by experts, crucial victory for defense
Auction-rate securities: Raymond James agrees to buy them back
Why haven't we seen hyperinflation?
Robert Gates' last day at Pentagon: three reasons he'll be missed
Opinion Better ways to end prison overcrowding than just releasing inmates
Reading with a spiritual purpose
Oven roasted wings
The Voice results: Javier Colon and Dia Frampton in close race
Zynga IPO suggests it's worth up to $20 billion
France admits it armed Libyan rebels
Opinion How to avoid a replay of the long Balkan wars in Libya
Canadians use social media to out Vancouver rioters
What President Obama can learn from Ireland
Enjoy the fruit from the serviceberry tree
Are Uganda's deadly lightning strikes becoming more common?
Canada Day celebrated with Prince William and Kate [VIDEO]