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Monitor Articles for June 23, 2011

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos funds 10,000-year clock under Texas mountain
C'mon, Obama. Don't blame technology for job loss.
Coffee prices nearly double, with no relief in sight
Mileage rate: IRS raises it 4.5 cents
Casey Anthony trial's new twist: Mother says she searched for 'chloroform'
Republicans pull out of high-stakes deficit talks. What happens now?
NASA's Dawn satellite has reached the asteroid belt. First stop: Vesta.
The time I met Whitey Bulger (and missed a $2 million reward)
PBS and JetBlue partner up to keep kids reading all summer long
In Afghanistan war, US civilian surge peaks as Pentagon begins pullback
New home sales fall. But are you ready for housing recovery?
Whitey Bulger arrest: How many of the FBI's 'Most Wanted' get nabbed?
Why is Obama tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, really?
Peru set to surpass Colombia as world's top coca producer
Harry Potter fans pleased with Pottermore website - and J.K. Rowling
Afghanistan war: The limits of targeting Taliban leaders
The iPhone 5 is almost here. Why should we care?
The Monitor's View Debt defaults as moral fault
Court's fraud ruling throws Afghan parliament into turmoil
Afghanistan troop drawdown: why Congress doesn't like it
Sales of new homes dip again
Nepal's rhinos bounce back
CSI meets Law & Order: Supreme Court rules lab techs must testify in court
Middle-class squeeze: Productivity slowdown doesn't explain it
How do you say 'hallelujah' in Hindi?
Bristol Palin's memoir "Not Afraid of My Life" is less of a cautionary tale and more of a rant
Canada Post strike: Residents ask if they really need a postman
Winklevoss twins abandon Facebook suit
Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading
Reader recommendation: World on the Edge
Fall TV Preview: 'Hart of Dixie,' starring Rachel Bilson
An interview with 'Bad Teacher' star Lucy Punch
Supreme Court strikes down law restricting sale of prescription drug info
As Gen. David Petraeus shifts to CIA, nature of war shifts with him
Japan earthquake: magnitude 6.7 aftershock rocks Honshu
Whitey Bulger caught: why he topped FBI most-wanted list
Libya rebel council prepares for the day after Qaddafi
NBA Draft 2011: Fulfilling the league’s global outreach with more international players
Will Syria's fires singe Lebanon?
Sarah Palin bus tour not dead, but still shrouded in mystery
'I Paid a Bribe' may be a model for anti-corruption
Achievement gap for Hispanic students hasn't narrowed in 20 years
Ai Weiwei's release elicits calls for China to free more dissidents
America is playing with fire with its default talk
Global Viewpoint Another revolution afoot in Egypt: top-notch science
US to tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve to drive gas prices down
Is Saab finally out of gas?
LulzSec, Anonymous show Latin America unprepared for cyberwarfare
Belarus cracks down on growing protests
James "Whitey" Bulger is captured – but not in a bookstore
Whitey Bulger, ruthless Boston mob boss, caught by FBI in California
Troop exit plan means hard choices for US commanders in Afghanistan
'Peacebuilding on Screen' film series highlights human dignity, compassion, and courage in the face of conflict
Where is Hugo Chavez?
Scrap-metal prospectors
Opinion Lessons from Mormon TV denial of Playboy channel
The Greek debt crisis and God's reign
Tilapia fish tacos
Afghanistan drawdown: Germany and France follow Obama's lead
Pottermore: the secret is out
The Voice puts favorite Javier Colon into finale
Cooking with anchovies: Little fish, big taste
Is immigration behind wage, income inequality? Not so much.
Saving seeds: Gardening on the cheap
How serious are Pakistan's latest moves to purge its military of extremists?
California: the Greece of the US financial crisis
Skype: Dutch House says mobile carriers can't limit its use
Ai Weiwei released on probation under 'depressing' conditions