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Monitor Articles for June 13, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial: the case of the disappearing 'heart'
Education secretary tells Congress: Change No Child Left Behind – or I will
Stocks eke out gains, helped by deals
A glint of compromise in Congress's debt limit stalemate?
Medicare, other entitlements mean US worse off than Greece
Pentagon Papers vs. WikiLeaks: Is Bradley Manning the new Ellsberg?
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of June 13, 2011
Did a chemical engineer reduce big city crime?
Meatless Monday: Roasted asparagus with mint
Jobs council to Obama: Here's how to create one million jobs quickly
Libyan rebels make gains; Qaddafi plays chess
The Monitor's View Syria may be next for revolution – in the hearts of soldiers
Taking on the Tonys: Is 'War Horse' the best play or 'a puppet show'?
Lunar eclipse Wednesday to last 100 minutes – longest in 11 years
Toms Shoes expands 'buy one, give one' to glasses
Five reasons the GOP race is so unsettled
Election 2012: Hope beneath the hype
Syrian Army deserter: 'We were ordered to shoot on the people'
GOP debate preview: Will anyone emerge as an alternative to Mitt Romney?
Verbal Energy Trolling – or trawling? – for eggcorns
Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 5 ways he has shaped Turkey
Africa and the Internet: a 21st century human rights issue?
Berlusconi's referendum defeat: beginning of the end?
Bid to repair Lake Michigan and Great Lakes, one marsh at a time
What Germans think of Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki
Dallas Mavericks offer important teamwork lesson in winning first NBA title
Supreme Court deadlocks in peculiar case about US citizenship
North Korean ship thwarted on way to Burma (Myanmar)
The Gay Girl in Damascus hoax, 'mass rape' in Libya, and press credulity
Freelance jobs: Half of all new jobs in recovery?
Pentagon Papers declassified today. Will we learn any shocking new secrets?
Mitt Romney pulling away from crowded GOP field, poll shows
Libya's southern neighbors plan for life after Qaddafi
How to manage in-box 'bacon'
How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything
Is there a statute of limitations on "Harry Potter" spoiler alerts?
Beantown Bust: double dip hits Massachusetts
Stock market: Corporate deals provide a boost
NFL lockout: Small businesses begin to sweat
Biflation: inflation and deflation, at the same time
Opinion SlutWalk protests: A dress is not a yes
Lunar eclipse, first of 2011, occurs Weds.
Difference Maker Pernille Ironside goes to war zones to free child soldiers
Opinion Uncle Sam's meddling in health insurance rates is wrong and will hurt consumers
Vertical gardening with small vines
Tony Awards big winners: 'Book of Mormon,' 'War Horse'
Bollywood's global push
Strong earthquakes rock shaken New Zealand city - again
Conan O'Brien to Dartmouth grads: Failure is freeing
Syrian offensive in Jisr al-Shughur ruptures key Turkey ties
The official unemployment rate, and the hidden one
Attention to duty
In Brazil, get out of jail sooner by hitting the books
If the bottom drops out, there's a safety net
Top Picks: Stevie Nicks, True Grit on DVD, Britain's brightest, and more