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Monitor Articles for June 10, 2011

Lauren Spierer goes missing in 'a safe and civil city'
Obama in 2012: Who can challenge him?
Toyota profits will fall, but there's a silver lining
Casey Anthony trial: Can duct tape be a murder weapon?
Is Alabama's new illegal immigration law really the toughest?
Why one city is spending more on antigang efforts despite budget cuts
The new water wars? Study shows broad decline in Rockies snowpack.
Wichita, Kan., experiences bizarre 'heat burst'
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for June 5-10, 2011
Follow Jim Rogers? Why this dollar 'bear' is buying greenbacks now.
Spain police crack Anonymous cell accused of hacking PlayStation
Is the Broad Superintendents Academy trying to corporatize schools?
Mexico peace tour: Final stop in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico's 'epicenter of pain'
Gas prices skid 25 cents a gallon in past month – and may dip further
Gates: NATO's retreat from combat assignments 'unacceptable'
In Albania, a mayoral vote gone awry threatens EU membership bid
Descendants team up to teach the positive lessons of the infamous 'Plessy v. Ferguson'
Stocks down for sixth week, Dow below 12,000
US job market: Four ways to cut the unemployment rate
Bride Flight: movie review
The Trip: movie review
Rejoice and Shout: movie review
World newsletter quiz, June 11-12
Sarah Palin e-mails: first impressions
The Monitor's View Libya after Qaddafi: We need a plan
Obama, where are your economists?
Les Paul: More of the best Google guitar recordings
Is Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign the worst ever?
As troop drawdown nears, is NATO surge working in Afghanistan?
US troops confident of Afghan war counterinsurgency strategy
After Afghanistan: Will Americans forget it?
After a suicide bombing, an Afghan village turns against Taliban
Afghan security forces still not so secure after NATO boost
Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president? Why he could have a hard time.
Touring the gardens of Kykuit can make you feel 'rich as Rockefeller'
Russia's only war criminal Yury Budanov assassinated in Moscow
In Sarah Palin e-mail dump, Alaskans seek evidence of abuse of power
Europe's E. coli outbreak: Does new food safety law prevent that in US?
Syrian troops strike flashpoint town as refugees recount violence
Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks cool off Heat in Game 5; take 3-2 lead in NBA Finals
Opinion Seven reasons why Syrian opposition hasn't toppled Assad
Feeling winds of Arab Spring, Israel douses sparks of Palestinian uprising
Fuel surcharges on plane tickets soar. How long will it last?
Russia's lie-detecting ATM: not just a KGB fantasy
Nissan Leaf: Cute ad, but will it backfire?
Scandal, inflation, and a murder suspect freed: a tough week for Brazil's president
5 romance novels perfect for beach reading
Ann Curry makes debut as 'Today' co-anchor
E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U delights gamers, scares investors
Fixed mortgage rates drop for 8th straight week
Is the Fed manipulating the stock market?
Opinion Blair Mountain II: The new battle over coal mining in West Virginia
Zimbabwe and Mugabe top the agenda at southern Africa summit
Retirement at 65? But it's the new 45!
Improve quality of life downtown, reduce our carbon footprint
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: secular humanist with a soul
Fighting rages in Sudan's Southern Kordofan
How likely is 5 percent growth in a decade?
Huma Abedin and wronged political wives: few options, hard choices
An elegant appetizer without the fuss
An early warning system for Latin American coups?
A fresh start out of college
Gates rebukes Europe for lacking commitment to NATO
Super 8: movie review
Tablet computers feel the competition with release of HP TouchPad
NASA Aquarius to launch on Friday