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Monitor Articles for May 6, 2011

Amanda Knox trial delayed to allow for DNA tests
Should financial advisers be caretakers?
Hey, Washington! It's the economy, remember?
FBI set to kill secret-stealing Russian 'botnet.' Is your computer infected?
After bin Laden raid, might US-Pakistan cooperation get better?
iPhone OS updates could soon come wirelessly
EU finance ministers meeting on Greece bailout
Are markets selling off in anticipation of more QE?
Stocks end up on job news, but off highs
Oil prices fall again: Is commodities boom ending?
Osama bin Laden raid: Four fresh twists in the story
'Thor' comes to the big screen: What's a Norse god doing in a Marvel comic?
New Endeavour liftoff date: no earlier than May 16
NBA playoffs: Celtics will feel the Heat in Game 3
Brazil becomes largest nation yet to legalize civil unions
PlayStation Network back online very soon, says Sony
A space tourism trip to the moon? It could happen by 2015.
Amid job growth, 'total unemployment' rises to 15.9 percent
There Be Dragons: movie review
Last Night: movie review
The Beaver: movie review
Why six MLB clubs stay in Venezuela despite rising crime and bitter politics
The Monitor's View Did Navy SEALs bring a peace dividend for Obama?
Libya's western rebels run tighter operation than eastern brethren
Global Viewpoint Tariq Ramadan: Osama bin Laden is dead, but will West revive ties with Muslims?
Bin Laden killing deepens Indian distrust of Pakistan
Bali fights trashy beaches
Native white-flowering trees for spring
Monitor Breakfast RNC's Reince Priebus: GOP field to solidify by summer
A better eggs Benedict for Mom
Companies hiring: Jobs surge in private sector
With response to tornadoes, FEMA begins to rebuild its reputation
Why an accurate US account of the bin Laden attack is so important
Global Viewpoint Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Will Muslim Brotherhood succeed where Osama bin Laden failed?
Pakistan displays competing interests as it answers questions on bin Laden raid
Opinion A Mother's Day gift for America: support services for adoptive families
Amid Syria's turmoil, Israel sees Assad as the lesser evil
4 books I shouldn’t have liked – but did
US gains 244,000 new jobs in April. How strong is the economy?
In business or philanthropy, the key is treating people as valued 'clients'
Thor: movie review
South Korea's Olympic effort to win an Olympic bid
As William and Kate await honeymoon, Britain's monarchy enjoys its own
Herman Cain: GOP debate winner?
Russia emerges as Europe's most God-believing nation
French toast with garlic and herbs
Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum contracts ended by Fox News
When it comes to sandwiches, she's the upper crust
Bin Laden wife confined to Pakistan house for 6 years
Rape victim and women's rights advocate Mukhtara Mai faces new threat in Pakistan
Oil price drop: Sinks below $96 a barrel
American Idol: Jacob Lusk leaves, Lady Antebellum soars
Thor: Are you a Marvel Comic expert? Take the Thor movie quiz.
Opinion Mother's Day: Are you mothering your kids the 'right' way?
Food inflation, land grabs spur Latin America to restrict foreign ownership
Bin Laden considered 9/11 anniversary attack on US rail system
First GOP presidential debate: Was Pawlenty too 'Minnesota nice'?
Never without mothering or motherhood
Gold is up, but still not near peak
Opinion Lush life for Kentucky Derby horses? Don't bet on it.
Bad Dog: A Love Story
Reader recommendation: The Blindness of the Heart
Oil price drop is second largest on record
Medicare vouchers plan shelved for now