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Monitor Articles for May 5, 2011

Commodity trading: Plunge in US hits Asian stocks
PlayStation Network breach not our work, Anonymous says
Pandora comedy channels: A new direction for music app?
Exclusive: Pakistan had to know bin Laden was there, most Americans say
In tonight's meteor shower, watch falling debris from Halley's Comet
Talks begin on deficit reduction. What can be cut in the federal budget?
Mississippi floodwaters surge in Memphis, but crest is still days away
Ever seen a tree covered in crochet? Head to Chicago.
Top 5 cities with the fewest foreclosures
Military interrogators: Waterboarding didn't yield tips that led to bin Laden
Silver's plunge spreads to oil prices, copper
9/11 families to Obama: 'Thank you for doing what you promised'
Stocks close lower ahead of jobs report
British cat wins Guinness record for loudest purr
Phoebe Prince bullies sentenced, but how do they make things right?
8 best books of May: Amazon editors choose
Jobless claims: initial claims jump 43,000 from last week
Debunking 4 myths around bin Laden killing: torture, cowering, CIA, and Pakistan's involvement
Cinco de Mayo in Mexico – hand-stitched costumes, no guacamole
Smartphone apps: How to spot and stop firms tracking your phone
Opinion After Osama bin Laden: In Arab world, America's troubled post-9/11 legacy lingers
Pakistan's military faces calls for major shakeup after bin Laden failure
Stealth helicopter: Did SEALs have a secret weapon in bin Laden attack?
Cinco de Mayo: Mexican steak tacos
General Motors earns $3.2B in 1Q, helped by strong US sales
Alabama tornadoes: dozens remain missing one week later
In South Korea, a run with a view
Walter Rodgers Osama bin Laden: a fraud and a failure
Opinion Osama bin Laden and America's long journey from 9/11 to 5/1
What's the fuss over Angela Merkel's bin Laden comment?
Hillary Clinton: US to use Qaddafi's frozen assets against him
686,000 Libya refugees flee to Egypt, Tunisia
The Monitor's View After bin Laden: Cautionary hopes on Afghanistan war
Egypt sentences first Mubarak-era official in push for justice
Bin Laden fallout: How Abbottabad tweets reveal changes in modern warfare
Foreign doctors, nurses stand by Libyans amid rocket fire
So many foreclosures, so few lawyers
What happened to the metal codices that promised Christian revelations
White Castle online: Here comes the digital 'slider'
Prince Charles touts sustainable farming. But the free market?
European concerns grow about Al Qaeda's presence in the Sahel
After bin Laden: Why the Taliban won't sever ties with Al Qaeda
10 best books for Mother's Day
Why money isn't irrelevant
Opinion Libya's sharp lesson for America's foreign priorities
Torture debate overshadows US unity after bin Laden's killing
Fake Bin Laden links provide malware to unwitting readers
Cinco de Mayo: Six fun facts about the Fifth of May
Private employment improves in April, ADP says
National Day of Prayer a testament to America's uniqueness, backers say
American Idol: It was Haley Reinhart's night
Should you trust finance publications?
High gas prices: Want to be a cool 'hypermiler'?
Every boom will bust. Even China's.
Cinco de Mayo recipe: Mexican chocolate cake
Did harsh interrogation tactics help US find Osama bin Laden?
Walking in safety
Freedom Riders remembered 50 years later [VIDEO]
After bin Laden: Could mistrust between US and Pakistan be opportunity for China?
Ayman al-Zawahiri: How will he shape Al Qaeda?
No Biking in the House Without a Helmet
Reader recommendation: Pen of Iron