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Monitor Articles for May 31, 2011

Deadly cucumbers not behind EU outbreak. So what is?
A US cyberwar doctrine? Pentagon document seen as first step, and a warning.
Illinois' new solution to huge budget crisis: gambling
Will recovering global economy thwart efforts to curb global warming?
Iraqi refugees in Kentucky charged with planning to help arm Al Qaeda
Ohio State football scandal: Is coach or 'hypocritical' NCAA to blame?
Source of Europe's E. coli outbreak still baffles experts
Will and Kate planned visit poorly received by Quebec lawmaker
Karzai warns NATO over air strikes, but are there other options?
Debt-ceiling bill set to lose in the House. Why bother to vote?
Stocks end sharply higher, but down for May
Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg: Beginning of the end for 'Sun Belt' NHL?
The Monitor's View More war in Sudan? It's in no one's interest.
Supreme Court: US Muslim cannot sue Ashcroft for 2003 detention ordeal
What Pakistan's ISI doesn't want the world to know about Osama bin Laden's couriers
How millennial entrepreneurs are different
Joplin tornado: With one-third of homes gone, where will residents live?
The Titanic launch 100th anniversary celebrated in Belfast
Is Jacob Zuma Qaddafi's only hope?
Tracy Kidder: can a writer be a social activist?
House vote on raising debt ceiling: Can spending cuts wait?
Barbara Sinatra tells it her way in her new memoir
Nepal struggles to shape a government that can govern
West Africa Rising: Can big infrastructure projects help Sierra Leone lure investors?
New York City Opera: Providing an opera experience for all
Northern Sudan tells UN peacekeepers their time is up
Syria's Assad offers amnesty to political prisoners
'Teen Wolf': Cast speaks candidly
Kanye West challenge on 'America's Best Dance Crew' inspires the competitors
Anna Politkovskaya's family dismisses arrest in journalist's murder
'Double dip' in home prices is official, and prices could drop more
Ratko Mladic's arrival at Hague bolsters promise of international courts
Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat: A tale of two cities, and of expectations
In a changed Tunisia, dismay over an unchanged media
2011 NBA Finals: 10 questions about the Heat and Mavericks
Opinion What conservatives ignore in Adam Smith's message is killing our economy
The danger of the 'rich act'
Can France's Christine Lagarde get Brazil's support for her IMF bid?
Japanese stock up on gadgets to ease life without electricity
Climbing roses are showy standouts in summer
Israel's navy trains for second major Gaza flotilla
Commencement 2011: what 10 eminent speakers told graduates
Iran sees threat to its clout amid Arab Spring
Satellite photos show Sudanese war crimes, watchdog claims
Sarah Palin bus tour: What's the point?
Why I'm not upset that Seattle is ninth on Amazon's 'best-read' list
Cutting deficits can be a win-win, even in Washington
Mexico's stable economic outlook a rare piece of good news
'The Hobbit' release dates and subtitles revealed
Apple iCloud, iOS 5, Mac OS X, and more at WWDC next week
S&P/Case-Shiller index shows home prices at lowest since housing collapse
A look at a classic: Charlie Chaplin in 'Modern Times'
Afghan President Karzai demands NATO stop airstrikes on homes
Yemen's Saleh cedes Al Qaeda hotbed to militants. Why?
Opinion Amid Arab Spring fires, why isn't Lebanon in flames?
Unpaid internships: Who wins, who loses?
Space Shuttle Endeavour: See the last flyby early Tuesday morning
Is Guatemala becoming a narco-state?
Even Paul Ryan wants to broaden the tax base
The GOP's last wish
E. coli outbreak: blame game delays common response
Tensions between China and Philippines rise over Spratly maritime borders
Iran blocks Merkel's flight en route to India
A pilgrimage for today: a search for oneness