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Monitor Articles for May 30, 2011

From Arlington National Cemetery to Facebook, Americans note Memorial Day
Memorial Day: Grilling season begins
15 recipes for outdoor dining this summer
Germany turns back on nuclear power
Obama picks combat-tested Gen. Martin Dempsey to head Joint Chiefs of Staff
Karzai gives US ultimatum on civilian deaths
Difference Maker Larry Joe, who found his music behind bars, now inspires others
Obama's Europe visit: redefined ties and a touch of 'political Beatlemania'
Signs of a changed Serbia in weakened pro-Mladic protests
Islamist militants take over southern Yemen city
LinkedIn options: Pricing is 'unusual'
Stock prices up globally, but on low volume
The Sojourn
Don’t cut the gas tax for summer holidays. Double it!
Memorial Day: remembering what it's really about
Parenting and personal financial behavior
Opinion Repealing tax breaks for oil companies: common sense vs. congressional thuggery