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Monitor Articles for May 3, 2011

Credit-card fraud: Is Sony doing enough to stop it?
Fuel-efficient cars drive US sales surge
After Osama bin Laden's death, Congress rethinks aid to Pakistan
Bin Laden alive? To debunk latest myth, White House near release of photo.
Stocks end mixed in choppy session
Were Navy SEALs justified in shooting an unarmed Osama bin Laden?
In SEAL Team Six success, lessons from 'horrible night' in Iran 30 years ago
Scott Pelley in, Katie Couric out, at CBS Evening News
Mississippi River flooding: After levee blast, threat shifts to Memphis
Bin Laden backlash? What US cities are doing to stop terror attacks.
Mothers report card: US still lagging at home and as a donor
After bin Laden: Obama should invite Bush to ground zero visit
Fed up with Phoenix, Tucson talks secession from Arizona
Household participation in food stamps continues steady climb
Can US and Taliban cut a deal in Afghanistan?
How Osama bin Laden's death sparked a fake Martin Luther King quote
Osama bin Laden conspiracy theories race across the world
Controversy in death: Seven questions about Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea
Instead of vacation, take a sabbatical
Canadian shake-up: Conservatives win but opposition makes head-turning gains
Dollar falling. Invest here.
Should Ivory Coast nationalize its cocoa industry?
Revenge for Bin Laden killing: How worried should Americans be?
The Monitor's View Osama bin Laden's hideout and the Pakistan question
Coal use points to growth
Bin Laden's death puts exclamation point on Al Qaeda's demise
Italy's largest animal is on the brink of extinction
Osama bin Laden's compound: 4 oddities
Sony data breach could be most expensive ever
Tony Awards 2011: It's a boy's life?
The top 5 militant leaders still hiding in Pakistan
With Osama bin Laden dead, what next for US mission in Afghanistan?
Fed still lacks 'exit strategy,' but talks are heating up
Osama bin Laden's killing puts Taliban leadership on edge
Retiree health insurance: Can Duluth change the rules?
Top 5 Al Qaeda-linked militants Pakistan has captured
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 2, 2011
Canada election: four ways that history was made May 2
Anti-Americanism pulses through Pakistani town where Osama bin Laden was killed
Syria wants to talk to opposition leaders, but there aren't any
Opinion After Osama bin Laden's death, time for a new poster child for Islam
Opinion World Press Freedom Day: Don't believe the numbers, the good guys are winning
Pulling down the bin Laden myth – and brand
West Africa Rising: Can Japan check China's clout in Africa?
Opinion Swift action in Libya vs. years of delay in Darfur: What gives?
PlayStation Network back online? Almost.
6 best children's books, as voted on by kids
Bin Laden tape, photos release weighed by US
Tropical chicken salad
Many tax breaks for kids, but do they work together?
Osama bin Laden's burial at sea: critics range from 9/11 families to militants.
Love above all
Why free is a bad price
Crowdsourcing is good -- but not enough
Australian bats and gardens
In Africa's Sahel region, concerns deepen over Libya, Al Qaeda
Japan's nuclear energy debate: some see spur for a renewable revolution
Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Love and Loss
Libyan rebel says Osama bin Laden's death won't stop jihadist flow
Holocaust records to go online for first time
FBI Most Wanted list updated to reflect bin Laden's death
Bin Laden wives found in compound, one used as human shield