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Monitor Articles for May 27, 2011

Apple iCloud: Details emerge on new music service
Despite gas prices, more than 30 million Americans traveling for Memorial Day
Will Supreme Court ruling on immigrants pit Big Business against states?
Qatar: The small Arab monarchy with the loud democratic voice
Orlando Bloom will return in 'The Hobbit'
World newsletter quiz
Justin Bieber tattoo of Jesus: Is it blasphemy?
Indianapolis 500: Remembering some of the greats from the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing'
Egyptians rally in Tahrir Square for 'second revolution'
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for May 23- 27, 2011
Battle for Abyei could ignite civil war in Sudan
Colombia identifies thousands buried in unmarked graves
Indianapolis 500: A centennial quiz
Puzzle: movie review
Brad Pitt stars in 'The Tree of Life': movie review
The Monitor's View Rise of 'missing girls' in India and China
At tense time for US-Pakistan ties, Hillary Clinton swings velvet hammer
20 of the smartest nonfiction titles for summer reading
Wake for Brazil's 'greatest black activist' do Nascimento highlights racial progress
Top 10 beaches in America named by 'Dr. Beach'
In Poland, Obama looks to improve relations with key military ally
Why is Memorial Day observed in May?
Amazon: the most well-read cities in America are also the most romantic
Japan's nuclear troubles extend into Russia
Wind power project wavers after subsidy cuts
Closure eludes tornado-beaten Joplin amid search for the vanished
Could South Africa become a global voice for human rights?
Ratko Mladic's capture: Was timing coincidence or careful calculation?
Patriot Act: three controversial provisions that Congress voted to keep
Jeffrey Sachs advocates three-child policy to stem Nigeria's population growth
Whistleblower rules: Get paid to report fraud
The musical story of Winnie Mandela, a wife of freedom
A Memorial Day prayer
Kicked-up hot dogs
Hillary Clinton urges Pakistan to target militants within its borders
How 'cookiejacking' could steal people's Facebook passwords
Peter Thiel gives $100,000 each for 24 youths to skip college
Champions League final could be legendary – and not just for soccer
The Eat, Pray, Love effect: Can my family leave it all behind?
The Eat, Pray, Love Effect: Reentry is hard to do
The Eat Pray Love effect: Prom vs. Machu Picchu
Air France black box: Were the Air France Flight 447 pilots at fault for crash?
NBA playoffs: For Heat, it’s déjà-vu and a trip to the Finals after edging Bulls
Verbal Energy Stop the press! It's no news conference ...
If Sarah Palin runs, will she face her own Mini-Me?
Sadr followers send message to US: Don't try to stay
Ratko Mladic: Serbian judge clears way for long-awaited war crimes trial
Opinion Mladic arrest: Has the West now learned not to be impartial on war crimes?
Ryan Reynolds in 3D theatrical trailer for 'Green Lantern'
Memorial Day grilling: pork tenderloin
Walter Rodgers The big lie that Obama can't lead is crumbling
"Cambodia's Curse" details the country's ongoing troubles
Chinese bomber receives outpouring of sympathy online
Air France Flight 447 captain was absent when descent began
Sweet and spicy Thai curry
Can Nicaragua continue to play both sides?
Britain sends attack helicopters to Libya. Is this mission creep?
Reader recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain
NFL lockout causes cracks in fan loyalty
A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother
Opinion Why didn't Japan send a thank-you note to Taiwan? One word: Beijing.