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Monitor Articles for May 13, 2011

Libyan rebels leave White House without official recognition they sought
'Extensive' porn stash: Three ways US has tried to sully bin Laden's image
Despite recent alerts, nuclear regulators give an 'all-safe'
Will Ferrell wins Mark Twain prize for humor. Was he the best pick?
N.Y. race heats up: Democrats test message on GOP plan to 'end Medicare'
Ashton Kutcher joins 'Two and a Half Men.' Will the show do better or worse?
Medicare trustees call health-care reform savings 'debatable'
Sen. Mitchell steps down as Middle East envoy. Was it a 'mission impossible'?
Graduated? Seven job tips for college graduates.
Number of 'birthers' is declining, recent polls show
Georgia joins mounting red state backlash to Obama immigration reform
Running with sheep
Chrome OS-powered 'Chromebooks' introduced by Google
Let's build SOMETHING!
Digging down to family roots
Why the Sierra Club is worried about 'cap and trade'
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for May 9-13, 2011
The Monitor's View Obama speech: He must consult Congress on strategy toward Arab Spring
White House situation room, 'nerve center' of bin Laden raid, turns 50
Opposition leader's return to Uganda met with renewed violence
The First Grader: movie review
The Big Bang: movie review
Everything Must Go: movie review
Facebook trashes Google: why they don't 'like' each other
Yemen thrust into deeper uncertainty after Gulf deal falls through
Bahrain indifferent to international criticism
Table Mountain becomes haven for South Africa's robbers
Can Democrats hold the Senate in 2012? Now Herb Kohl says he's retiring.
Cubans may no longer be stuck on Caribbean isle
Is New York City still worth it?
Online media is replacing newspapers and TV. Is that a bad thing?
SEAL Team Six: Is their safety being compromised?
How Mafuta Sasa is turning waste cooking oil into clean-burning biodiesel in East Africa
Will Congo's troubling rape statistics compel any change?
Mexico's 'island of security'
'Let James Tate go to the prom' crusade gains a Connecticut legislator
Assad regime may be gaining upper hand in Syria
Libyan rebel morale spikes after week of gains
Dunkin' Donuts: Can you win a $50 certificate?
Kristen Wiig stars in 'Bridesmaids': movie review
Amnesty: Medvedev's promises of reform rarely materialize in Russia
Pakistanis cast doubt on Taliban's role in bin Laden revenge attack
How an amateur stole $1.5 million in art from China's Forbidden City
Ron Paul runs for president again. Will GOP embrace a libertarian in 2012?
How to cut your energy bill by 30 percent
In India, communists ousted in 2 of 4 state elections
Merger Mondays and malinvestment
Opinion Want high-quality news? Pay for it.
Japan's debt earthquake is rumbling
Safe in the storm, with a baby on the way
Chain, chain, chain ... chain CPI
Election 101: Ron Paul sets sights on 2012. Ten things to know about him.
Fixed mortgage rates at lowest levels of 2011
Pakistani Taliban 'avenge' bin Laden's death with bombings
Whatever happened to the protest song?
Opinion A revolutionary development: Religions are speaking in common tongues
Blood sausage with lentils
American Idol down to three as rocker James Durbin exits
4 great summer books for middle-grade readers
"Poisoned" author Jeff Benedict examines the current state of food safety in the US
Facebook caught starting smear campaign about Google
Fukushima Daiichi: Japan asks banks to help Tepco with loans
A Moment in the Sun
Reader recommendation: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
Dwarf bearded irises offer gardeners many advantages