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Monitor Articles for May 11, 2011

Corn futures headed lower? Bigger crop forecast.
iPhone 5 release date pushed back to fall 2011: report
Is daytime TV in decline, or just getting ready for the next ‘big thing’?
Mississippi flooding drowns crops and casinos: What's the economic toll?
Indiana ruling signals tough legal fight for Planned Parenthood
Syria, under pressure, drops bid for UN rights council. Is that progress?
Congress has plenty of deficit-cutting plans, but can any of them fly?
Venezuela-Colombia ties remain strong despite Chávez's reported links to FARC
Stocks end sharply lower as oil prices tumble
After Osama bin Laden, you can feel history shift
Spain earthquake: 2 temblors kill 10, injure dozens Wednesday
Bin Laden sons wonder why their father didn't get a trial
What to do in Southern California gardens in early May
Is Donald Trump's presidential star falling? Polls and pundits see a dip.
Hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam convicted of insider trading
Chinese find story of 'islands for sale' too good to be true
Hedge fund conviction: Why Wall Street should worry
Election 101: Ten questions about Newt Gingrich as a presidential candidate
The Monitor's View Greek lessons for America in its debt crisis
Skype's journey from tiny Estonian start-up to $8.5 billion Microsoft buy
'Jetman' zooms along rim of Grand Canyon in first US flight
Facing a firestorm, Navy reverses course on performing same-sex marriages
Rapper Common: Should he be disinvited from Obama poetry event?
Bahrain's Sunni rulers target Shiite mosques
Rebel advances in Misurata raise hope of humanitarian breakthrough
Martha Graham: 117th birthday celebrated with dancing Google doodle
Android tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 brings Google power to iPad frame
Top 5 insider trading convictions
Opinion Iran's spiritual leader isn't a hardline Islamist, but a mystic poet
Bestselling books the week of 5/12/11, according to IndieBound*
Cicadas re-emerge after 13-year absence
Stieg Larsson books just keep on coming
Can the University of Texas put a number on professors' worth?
Giving Pledge: A big-hearted billionaires club, led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, keeps growing
Chemical castration: Why Medvedev suggests it for Russia's pedophiles
Donald Trump will star in his own comic book
Why the rising trade deficit? Blame it on a weak dollar.
Opinion Islamist terrorists are running loose in Libya. Why isn't the US paying attention?
Mortgage fraud plunges 41 percent
Oil futures: How China could keep US gas prices low
What do John Boehner and Jon Stewart have in common?
Oil futures and pain at the gas pump
Newt Gingrich will run for president: Can he catch on?
Opinion A plan to unclog the housing market – where everyone wins
Why Australia just toughened its tough immigration stance
Goat cheese tarts with leeks and apricot preserves
'Turn Off the Dark': not for Spider-Man only
Assad ally says Syrian regime will 'fight to the end'
John Hughes William and Kate polish a tarnished crown
Japan's Fukushima crisis drives protests over world's largest nuclear plant in India
China official calls the US 'simple,' Clinton calls out China: How honest is too honest?
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