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Monitor Articles for May 10, 2011

Skype sold to Microsoft for $8.5 billion
Stocks gain for third session. Microsoft falls.
Commodities rise after last week's sell-off
Appeals court: Is health-care reform like broccoli?
Memphis largely spared as Mississippi River floodwaters near historic high
Boeing's South Carolina move: Illegal union bashing or just good business?
Why Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for Skype, which is mostly free
Democrats' deficit-cutting plan: Big Oil subsidies the first target
Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger: A political odd couple that worked
In Libya, perfecting the art of revolution by Twitter
Obama immigration speech in Texas: a bald plea to Hispanic voters
The bin Laden wives: latest pawns in US-Pakistan strife
How much does US-China trade hurt American workers? Slowly, a clearer picture.
Bin Laden son calls burial at sea 'humiliating'
NBA playoffs: Will Miami Heat end Boston Celtics season Wednesday?
Google I/O kicks off new music service, battles with Apple
Obama gives nod to Memphis high school, will deliver graduation speech
The Monitor's View Immigration reform and border security: Obama's standards
Bin Laden raid: A model for how US should fight Afghanistan war?
War crimes trials of Rwandan FDLR militia leaders could set precedent
Three outstanding spring plants for the shade garden
Navy marriage rules now allow for same-sex unions
NBA playoffs: Thunder defeat Grizzlies in triple-overtime thriller
Ahmadinejad: Iran fighting a righteous battle with evil forces
John Boehner's tough talk on debt limit: a departure from history
Land scarcity drives a bout of ethnic violence in Kenya, Ethiopia
Alicia Silverstone's son 'Bear Blu' joins the ranks of creatively-named celebrity children
West Africa Rising: Leaders tout Sierra Leone's first value-added factory since the war
Retirement: A time to generate income?
UN aid chief: If Libya's fighting continues, the country will run out of food
What's behind Putin's drive for a 'unified civil front' in Russia
Why debt limit issue may drag on through Election 2012
Obama to lay out new immigration reform blueprint in El Paso
Is Anwar al-Awlaki's importance to Al Qaeda overstated?
Aircraft carriers gain naval clout
'What should I read?' A new site called Bookish hopes to tell you
Tiger Woods: Why Woods keeps dropping in world golf rankings
And the outlook for small businesses is... uncertain!
Japan after Fukushima: village of nuclear evacuees forced to start over - again
Tablets fly off shelves: Bad news for laptop makers?
Chocolate milk may be banned from Los Angeles schools
Gee, why the sudden shortage of used cars?
Egypt violence heightens concern about growing Salafi role
Why tax revenues might not reflect economic growth
Salafis 101: 5 key facts
Malls over metals: trends to watch in the second half
Chileans protest government approval of five Patagonia dams
Opinion What can rescue the Arab Spring?
Top Picks: 'Eliza Doolittle' album, a documentary about Bhutto, Paul Simon's 'So Beautiful or So What,' and more
The battle for the soul of the GOP
Opinion Debt crisis 2.0: Facing default, Greece must ditch the euro and rethink its welfare state
Cookbook review: 'Cooking for One'
What a dead raccoon can teach about incentives and property rights
US was prepared for a fight with Pakistan during bin Laden raid
Young protest leader sees civil war emerging in Syria
Nuclear power and radiation
Obama's health-care reform law faces new test in appeals court
Power tip for Chinese women's volleyball? Read Mao.
The Lies of Sarah Palin
Reader recommendation: Freedom
Fuel-efficient cars in demand. So GM invests in parts.
Zombie ants: How fungus can turn an insect into a puppet
Brett Favre: a return to football as a coach?
Ford F-150 dangerous design may cause recall of 2.7 million trucks