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Monitor Articles for April 8, 2011

Motorola Xoom sales numbers flag. Bad sign for Android tablets?
Acer Iconia tablet undercuts Apple iPad 2 on price
Carrie Underwood debuts on the big screen
As Japan goeth, so goeth the US
Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for welfare and food stamps?
Even short-term FHA shutdown will hit housing
Jaycee Dugard case: surprise 'not guilty' plea hints at delay tactics ahead
Government shutdown 101: How will it affect unemployment insurance?
Soul Surfer: movie review
Vote-count mishap in Wisconsin election raises eyebrows, distrust
Car sales: Gas prices high, so buyers shift
Red Sox-Yankees series highlights globalization of baseball
Arizona legislature OKs guns on campus
Stocks end down. Oil rises, shutdown looms.
Planned Parenthood: deal-breaker or trump card in government-shutdown talks?
Walid Makled's extradition case highlights warming Venezuela-Colombia ties
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for April 4-9 2011
Masters leaderboard Friday: Rory McIlroy, K. J. Choi, and Geoff Oglivy
Egypt's Army, once the darling of protesters, is now the subject of criticism
US steps back from Libya, shifting burden to Europe
Government shutdown: Will those who like government least miss it most?
US human rights report looks at China with concern
Natalie Portman is a warrior in 'Your Highness': movie review
Initial unemployment claims fall by 10,000 from last week
The Monitor's View Time running out for Israel and peace talks
Message in a box: Franck de Las Mercedes's peace packages
Afghans hope to make dusty Kabul bloom
Russell Brand's 'Arthur': movie review
Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for Medicaid?
Lowdown on the shutdown: The economy will be fine
With Libya rebels stalled, frustration with NATO mounts
Obama should consider creating a 'safe haven' for Libya rebels
Brazil school massacre puts spotlight on gun violence, rising firearm sales
Monitor Breakfast Chamber of Commerce: Obama 'maturing' as president (video)
On Facebook and Twitter, spreading revolution in Syria
Opinion Was I too quick to cancel my print subscription?
Colombia's monks transform a space of violence into a place of peace
A garden that's just right for you
Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for homeland security?
Why Republican voters are warming to Donald Trump for 2012
Monitor Breakfast What does US Chamber of Commerce think about a government shutdown? (video)
Nigerians head to polls for pivotal vote
7.1 earthquake knocks out power for nearly a million
Ryo Ishikawa giving to Japan while playing 2011 Masters
Caramel corn for Red Sox home opener
Nairobi's artists struggle to rise above a waning art scene
Massive Russian hacker attack threatens freewheeling
Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for the military?
Global Viewpoint Micro-lending genius Yunus: Why he was done wrong
Home-style budget crisis: Kitchen shutdown
Peru election: How a president, a criminal, and a Nobel winner are deciding the race
Masters 2011 Round 2: Will Rory McIlroy hold his lead?
All foreign policy is local
Moving past procrastination
Government shutdown 101: Will Social Security and Medicare be affected?
NATO blames 'fluid' ground situation for airstrikes hitting Libyan rebels
Global sports trade: athletes hurdle national borders for a better life
American Idol shocks with Iggy Pop, and Pia Toscano elimination
South Korean tech companies pick up slack left by Japan
Literary cats: How many of these famously bookish felines do you know?
Top 5 myths about starting a business
Classic review: Hellhound on His Trail
Reader recommendation: The Double Comfort Safari Club