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Monitor Articles for April 6, 2011

Digital books: Next incarnation of Harry Potter?
Insider trading bust: Trader-attorney duo made over $32 million
In Barry Bonds's wake, a trail of broken lives
Will Libya stalemate force US out of its back-seat role?
Bestselling books the week of 4/7/11, according to IndieBound*
Why is Glenn Beck leaving his Fox News show?
In Wisconsin Supreme Court election, signs of a pro-union backlash?
Mexico's new plan to crack down on drug money: you can keep some
In a government shutdown, who will pay US military?
Will Sasso: Curly to be played by Will Sasso in 'Three Stooges' movie
Gbagbo on his way out? Ivory Coast violence dying down? Not so fast.
Moon Flowering
How I became famous
A cook divided
Taming those ums and ers
Verbal Energy The Walloons and their branding woes
New semiautonomous region in Somalia vows to fight Al Shabab
Homemade naan
Obama's nod to Al Sharpton: asset or liability for 2012 reelection bid?
In Ivory Coast, a hospital keeps receiving wounded - but supplies run short
Congo's preparation for elections lags, both in planning and funds
SpaceX preps world's largest rocket. It's low cost, too.
Monitor Breakfast John McCain weighs in on Paul Ryan budget (video)
Global warming: Congress set to decide if EPA can regulate greenhouse gases
Fuzzy government shutdown math: Are cuts worth $33 billion or $73 billion?
Cow that can jump makes riding dreams come true
Nuclear update: Leak stopped. Why is Japan injecting nitrogen into reactor?
Five key reasons Ivory Coast's election led to civil war
Monitor Breakfast Why John McCain used Twitter to take on Hosni Mubarak (video)
Paul Ryan's plan for entitlements: A profile in courage?
A voice for the 27 million in Kenya who are rarely heard
Richard Branson's newest toy: A flying submarine
When it comes to Facebook, EU defends the 'right to disappear'
Top Picks: 'Bill Moyers: The Language of Life,' a funny Bob Dylan album, Joe Bonamassa's 'Dust Bowl,' and more
The Monitor's View Meanwhile, back at the revolution in Egypt
Monitor Breakfast Energy Secretary Steven Chu: 'Imprudent' to close US nuclear plants
Ecuador to oust US ambassador over WikiLeaks spat. Who's next?
John McCain: Hillary Clinton is an 'international star' (video)
Amid Arab turmoil, Morocco charts quiet path to reform
Plenty of flash at lightning-brief start of Berlusconi trial
Opinion The beatings will continue until teacher morale improves
'Flying' submarine: Richard Branson shifts sights from outer space to deep sea
Texas A&M rallies to beat Notre Dame for NCAA women's crown
Government shutdown would be a blow to the public
Gates to meet with Saudi king to discuss Yemen, Iran: April 6 Mideast update
Missing an ingredient? Ditch the meal, open the freezer.
After Ai Weiwei's arrest, a hard hitting Chinese author remains undeterred
High-functioning 'short sleepers' make good entrepreneurs
Ivory Coast crisis appears hours from end as troops enter Gbagbo's palace
House budget plan leaves some big questions
Opinion What Middle East revolutions and prayer have in common
Pasta con le Sarde: Sicily on a plate
Don't chase analog chip stocks!
Verizon iPhone drops fewer calls than AT&T iPhone: report
iPad 2 wins high marks from sticklers at Consumer Reports
Can economics solve antibiotic resistance?
Libya's rebels: NATO isn't doing enough for us
Templeton Prize surprises Cambridge astrophysicist Martin Rees
Japan was a 'zombie state,' even before the earthquake
The budget battle begins
Raising the standard for email
National Poetry Month: How and why I celebrate
Trees in a box
Radioactive leak plugged, officials now eye hydrogen buildup: Japan nuclear timeline
Unfamiliar Fishes
Reader recommendation: Moon Over Manifest
Moussa Koussa sought by ICC prosecutor