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Monitor Articles for April 4, 2011

Dish Network, Carl Icahn bid to buy bankrupt Blockbuster
Bernanke: Fed to strengthen oversight
Nortel: Google to bid $900 million for patents
You think you know the stock market? Take our quiz.
Stocks close mixed amid lackluster trading
White House targets sexual assault on campus
Katie Couric and 'CBS Evening News.' Is it time for them to part ways?
The 'sinister plot' to derail Donald Trump's presidential ambitions
In abrupt reversal, 9/11 suspects to get Guantánamo military tribunals
Government shutdown Friday? Why Tuesday could be crucial.
Fuselage cracks: Is the problem with Southwest Airlines or Boeing 737s?
McDonald's jobs: Can it hire 50,000 workers in a day?
E-mail breach at Epsilon may prove costly
Are Libya's rebels in disarray? Envoy calls disputes 'normal.'
In last speech, Martin Luther King Jr. 'not concerned' about early death
Ai Weiwei: China's famed artist – and dissident – needs his freedom
Small business owners in a Nairobi slum display Kenyan resilience
Cookbook review: 'Grilled Cheese, Please!'
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of April 4, 2011
Supreme Court rejects Guantánamo detainees' appeals for better protections
The Monitor's View To help his reelection bid, Obama needs entitlement reform now
Goldstone Report: Reexamining 5 key findings
Tax credits for religious schools? Supreme Court says taxpayers have no say.
Pentagon: 'Don't ask, don't tell' could be gone by September
Air France wreckage could provide answers to mysterious crash
Southwest Airlines, despite cracks in planes, among Top 5 airlines
Arab leaders exploit their countries' divisions to stay in power
Masters 2011 golf tournament quiz: The front nine
Why is Japan dumping radioactive water into the ocean?
Obama's reelection bid: Can he recapture the magic? Does he need to?
Opinion Do you think the poor are lazy?
Gbagbo plays 'ugly colonialist' card as France intervenes in Ivory Coast
Obama on Libya: The dawn of a foreign policy doctrine?
Terry Jones: How his Quran burning helps the Taliban
J.K. Rowling may allow Harry Potter e-books
Kazakhstan's snap elections draw international criticism
Italy rejects Qaddafi, recognizes Libyan rebel government
Notre Dame, Texas A&M surprise at NCAA women's Final Four
Somerville, Mass., aims to boost happiness. Can it?
Qaddafi and rebels look for friends: April 4 Mideast update
Opinion Talking in Memphis: When schools and unions team up, students win
Greens' growth in Germany spurs deputy chancellor's departure
Ivory Coast's besieged city of Abidjan braces for impending attack
Meatless Monday: Veggie pot pie
In appreciation of Diana Wynne Jones
Two rules to run the economy
A war of extremes over Quran burning
USPS: A dead monopoly walking
Difference Maker Marc Gold travels Asia paying it forward through little acts of kindness
US officials weigh how to fight terrorism in a post-Saleh Yemen
Air France Flight 447 wreckage (but no black box) found in Atlantic
China's sympathetic response to Japan's crisis eases tensions
Libya intervention damages global economy
Southwest stock one of five things to watch April 4
Ford idles Kentucky plant due to shortages
Oil prices hit 30-month high
How to grow and prepare carrots
Blood, Bones and Butter
Reader recommendation: First Family, Abigail and John Adams
Kings, kingdoms, and who's in charge