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Monitor Articles for April 20, 2011

Rebecca Black receives death threats over 'Friday' video
US debt crisis: Can a deeply divided 'Gang of Seven' make any progress?
Gulf spill: Where did the oil go – and what did it do?
Rutgers suicide: Victim's roommate is charged with hate crime
New social media and the 2012 election: Waaaaay beyond Facebook 2008
How much do you know about cybersecurity? Take our quiz.
Coming soon on Facebook and Twitter: terror threats from Homeland Security
Security lags cyberattack threats in critical industries, report finds
US aid to Libyan rebels: How effective are nonlethal supplies?
'Restrepo' filmmaker Tim Hetherington killed photographing war in Libya
Roasted rack of lamb with roasted asparagus
Jimmie Johnson on his way to a sixth NASCAR title ... and an Emmy?!
Spread of drone programs in Latin America sparks calls for code of conduct
Stocks close sharply up, driven by earnings
End of emergency rule in Syria unlikely to quell protests or stop arrests
Lawn care in Southern California
Shakespeare quiz: Can you match the quote to the play?
Italy and France join UK sending advisers to Libya, testing limits of UN resolution
In the end, did huge Gulf oil spill underwhelm oil-hungry Americans?
$6 gas? Could happen if dollar keeps getting weaker.
Trump visits early-voting states: savvy campaigning or 'a stunt'?
Unraveling child labor from hand-made rugs: Q&A with Nina Smith of GoodWeave
Egyptian report details brutality against protesters before Mubarak's fall
Opinion France's burqa ban: A brave step that we Muslims should welcome
Gold prices reach record high, confirming an expectation of inflation
Nice shot, governor
Could Putin and Medvedev face off in an open Russian election?
Calling John Connor! Skynet will destroy humanity tomorrow, sorta
Life-size Barbie: What’s the big deal?
Gold rises as US interest rates stay down
The Monitor's View Slaughter in Libya's Misurata: Is this Obama's 'Rwanda'?
What Obama's tax calculator leaves out of the equation
Nigeria election riots: How leaders stoke Muslim-Christian violence
Opinion How red-ink states should make tough budget decisions
'Three Cups of Tea': Is the publishing industry to blame for fabricated memoirs?
On Gulf, coming tourist, fishing seasons will reveal oil spill legacy
Goldman Sachs hit by criticism—for its caution
Apple iPhone 5 gets September release date: report
Texas wildfires burn 'border to border;' cold front lifts hopes
Are we entering an age of major earthquakes?
Retrial for Rod Blagojevich: Will anyone be watching?
Gulf oil spill saga: The rocky path from epic disaster to renewed drilling
South Korea retools its 'brand' in drive for more tourists
Are lazy undergrads hurting the economy?
Is the Libya mission creeping? Is that wrong?
Coming web IPOs: the Renaissance roundup
Goodluck Jonathan: Nigeria's president-elect facing violent post-election protests
AT&T earnings solid despite loss of iPhone rights
Gouda and caramelized onions grilled cheese
Libya says European military advisers for rebels will extend fighting
The simple side of loving your neighbor
How to grow and cook with dill
Castro hails 'new generation' of Cuba leaders, but appoints old guard
Saleh's deadly crackdowns deepen Yemen protesters' resolve
A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism
Reader recommendation: The Butterfly Mosque
Apple earnings: one of five things to watch April 20
Tech stocks up with help from Intel and VMware