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Monitor Articles for April 2, 2011

Hillary Clinton now most popular figure in Obama administration
Japan nuclear update: Repairing crack to stop radioactive water leak
The peacebuilders: Making conflict resolution permanent
NCAA Final Four: 2011 unlike any other year
Peace isn't just the absence of war
Lobster golf balls? Yes. Why? Cruise ships.
It's in the stats: Red Sox will win 101 games
VCU vs. Butler in NCAA Final Four: Time to retire Cinderella’s glass slippers
The deficit, euphemisms, and hard choices
Terry Jones: How free speech and Quran burning can lead to violence
Why Terry Jones Quran burning spurred two days of deadly Afghan protests
Native plants help sustain birds and beneficial insects
The Monitor's weekly photo news quiz for April 2, 2011
2,000-year-old coral found near BP well site
Crete earthquake rattles buildings in Turkey, Egypt