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Monitor Articles for April 19, 2011

Whither the BlackBerry PlayBook?
Taco Bell lawsuit dropped after dismissal by plaintiff
Portal 2 review roundup
Jennifer Egan plays with time, wins Pulitzer
Scientists discover 657 new islands
Why Obama is turning back to TV, despite big success in new media
How a federal court battle in Vermont could recast nuclear power
Obama as a chimp? E-mail gives California GOP problems it didn't need.
Supreme Court wary of empowering judges to order greenhouse gas cuts
Royal Wedding: Lady Gaga's Bad Romance gets a royal (video) remix
McDonald's jobs: Hiring 50,000 workers signals larger shift in economy
In race to replace space shuttles, NASA boosts four front-runners
Stocks end higher, led by materials, energy
Better Place: Turning Israel into electric car country
The Monitor's View Gulf oil spill and Fukushima nuclear plant: A challenge to humans and technology
Does America need a full-size, fully functioning AT-AT? Do we even need to ask?
iPad 2 in kindergarten classrooms: A good idea?
Troy Polamalu or Tom Brady: Whose jersey would you buy? The 10 best-selling NFL jerseys.
Why won't American businesses stop the GOP?
Gold market and America’s triple-A facade
Cleaner election boost's Nigeria legitimacy – and regional clout
Verbal Energy Euphemistically speaking
Time to lift ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon? Deadline nears.
Top 5 books to turn your high-tech innovation into a successful business
The making of families
Wildfires in Texas: Does the Lone Star State have an arson problem?
How Bahrain's crackdown is pushing both sides to extremes
UK military deployed to Libya as EU mulls sending 1,000 humanitarian troops
Government forces open fire on protesters in Syria's third-largest city, Homs
Troy Polamalu has amazing hair, top-selling NFL jersey
Why Arizona governor vetoed gun law and 'birther bill,' irking the right
Are these crazy suits Iran's answer to pro-democracy protests in Syria?
Color me black? Alien planets with two suns sprout dark trees.
Opinion US action in Libya saved my family's lives. There should be no regret in that.
A hard-hit Japanese city sees signs of hope in road repair, reopened shops
Opinion True cost of budget deal will be paid in blood – of gray wolves
As Fidel Castro steps down, a political shakeup in Cuba?
Bond rates: how S&P outlook will affect the market
Nigel Slater: the best Brit you’ve never heard of
Welcome to 'Change Agent'
The Deep South vegetable garden in April
The richer we get, the more markets we need
Do long hours at work make Americans happy?
UN report faults Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers over war conduct
Good one, S&P!
Opinion NATO in Libya: Four reasons why this isn't a 'crusade'
Donald Trump for president? Republican insiders are open to it.
Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce
Do protests in Nigeria, Uganda, and Burkina Faso have anything in common?
World's leading location for call centers? It's not India.
An unstoppable dawn
Who can force utilities to cut greenhouse gases? Supreme Court to decide.
The constants behind the news
The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Reader recommendation: Born Under a Lucky Moon
US debt warning: one of five things to watch April 19
Geoffrey Mutai wins Boston Marathon with fastest time in history
2012 Beetle: new design showcased at Volkswagen show