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Monitor Articles for April 15, 2011

Johnson & Johnson to buy US-Swiss devicemaker?
At rally, Tim Pawlenty adds tea party style to conservative credentials
In Senate, 2012 federal budget drama could take bipartisan turn
Taxes and the rich: How much do they pay now?
Is YouTube changing Congress? ‘Speechless’ delivers a loud message – silently.
The Princess of Montpensier: movie review
The Double Hour: movie review
Lockheed Martin developing ninja robots
The Conspirator: movie review
My Perestroika: movie review
Solar power: breakthrough could herald big drop in costs
Assassinated Kandahar police chief was optimistic about security
Stocks end up on good economic news
Long Island serial killer: Portrait of cunning criminal slowly emerges
The Monitor's weekly news quiz for April 10-16, 2011
"Game of Thrones": what to watch for
The Monitor's View Splitsville in Libya?
Tax day 2011: Last-minute tips to keep the Internal Revenue Service away
Record Store Day: Five gems worth hunting for
Is post-revolutionary Egypt a land of opportunity for US investors?
What Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William could do for Britain
Former Croatian general seen as hero at home convicted of war crimes at Hague
President Obama's real proposal (and why it's risky)
E-book sales overtake paperbacks in February
Job opportunities on the rise: Five things new college grads should know
Charlie Chaplin's 122nd birthday celebrated with special Google doodle
Red flags popping up all over Bank of America
Learning from Japan, once again. I'll bow to that.
Love lives of Chinese men suffer from housing boom
Mideast unrest could boost Iran, but it faces upheaval at home
In S. Africa, song controversy reveals depth of racial rift today
Making better tech: It's not 'magic'
G-20 discusses how to help Mideast and North Africa
Syrian revolution spreads, with largest protests yet
Mexican opinion of US dwindles amid spread of Arizona-style immigration laws
House to vote today on budget. Hey – didn't they do that yesterday?
Georgia approves tough immigration bill modeled after Arizona's
Solar power plant lawsuit thrown out in Calif.
Internal Revenue Service should simplify child-related incentives
In Zimbabwe, hope behind the horror
Bahrain backs off plan to ban opposition after US criticism
Like the once mighty Incas, we have lost our leaders
Nintendo Wii 2 console rumored to appear in June
Goodluck Jonathan prepares for crucial vote in Nigeria
A "secular Bible" draws readers, controversy
Opinion Democracy pushback in Egypt: revolution was the starting point, not finish line
Liberty stamp mistake: USPS uses Vegas replica on forever stamp
Should government 'nudge' people to do the right thing?
Ai Weiwei only the most prominent activist targeted in broad Chinese crackdown
BRICS growing in stature
Nairobi's middle class drives construction surge, with mixed reviews
Local jobs: Top five cities leading the turnaround
The total cost of the Libya intervention
Yemen's tribal leaders call for Saleh's immediate resignation
If only ...
American Idol: Paul McDonald leaves, Kelly Clarkson returns
Oranges and ambers brighten the garden
John Hughes Despite media yammer, there’s hope for real news
The Pale King
Reader recommendation: Voices from the Peace Corps
Greek debt crisis Act II: one of five things to watch April 15
Mortgage lenders must pay homeowners for improper foreclosures
Jamie Oliver gets rude awakening in LA