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Monitor Articles for April 14, 2011

Congress passes spending bill amid doubts. How much does it actually cut?
White iPhone 4 on the way. No, really. (Probably.)
BlackBerry PlayBook review roundup
Sleeping air-traffic controllers show that fatigue issue still plagues FAA
Was Obama's speech too fiery? Why he was so harsh on GOP budget plan.
Kobe Bryant slur: A window into 'last bastion of homophobia'?
Far from Mexican border, Georgia mulls Arizona-style immigration crackdown
Coal power: TVA agrees to phase out 18 units, shift to cleaner fuels
All My Children and One Life to Live canceled: A viewer reflects on the loss of a constant
Legal challenge to National Day of Prayer thrown out
Why US silence on Bahrain's crackdown could backfire
How MLB aims to stop steroid abuse, starting with Dominican prospects
Turkey grapples with spike in 'honor' killings
Stocks end mixed after choppy session
It's easy to grow plants from seed
David Cameron's immigration speech: grist for the British right
North Korea set to indict US Christian accused of proselytizing
Deficit reduction: Is Obama's $4 trillion goal big enough?
Donald Trump's three-point plan to solve the national debt
Who are the BRICS?
Ford recall affects 1.2 million trucks
Federal deficit speech was good. Not great.
Coconut cloud pie
South Africa joins the BRICS club, calls for reform of UN
While NATO talks, defiant Qaddafi tours Tripoli in a safari hat
How do dividend-bearing stocks work?
In Swaziland, heavy crackdown beats back Egypt-inspired protests
Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko make first trip to disaster zone
Bestselling books the week of 4/14/11, according to IndieBound*
Opinion As debt grows, so does US exposure to attack
Medicare's not the problem. It's the solution.
Art market: masterful returns
The Monitor's View Budget cuts are the dollar's savior
Why N.J. teacher-tenure reform plan matters to the rest of America
Berlusconi says he won't run again. Don't be so sure.
Villages leapfrog the grid with biometrics and mobile money
Tax day 2011: Four ways to protect your tax returns from data thieves
Unemployment claims increase by 27,000
Obama's Medicare proposal: How would it work?
Where do libertarians stand on net neutrality?
Poetry quiz: Can you match the poet to the poem?
Chinese lamb with cumin
Opinion France's burqa ban: Has Europe forgotten the gas chambers?
GE hoax about its taxes won't hurt business
Gala in the garden
Ivory Coast, Libya highlight growing rift between Africa and the West
Opinion How the US is like North Korea
With Obama's speech, momentum gathering to cut defense spending
China aircraft carrier watched by region
Obama, Ryan, and the massive chasm that divides them
Jewish community recovers books stolen by Nazis
Fried eggs on roasted asparagus
Sharp-toothed fossil was T. rex ancestor
Young Kashmiri activists yearn for an ‘Arab Spring’ - and more Western attention
10 things to know about investing in agriculture
The era of big government is over. Really.
Kashmir's tools for peace in conflict: Led Zeppelin and rap
Kashmir 101: Decoding Kashmir's conflict
Mutual funds attract less cash in March
Afghan mullahs push peaceful protest in wake of Quran-burning violence
US officials: Iran helping Syria's Assad put down protests
American Idol: Yes, there's life after Pia Toscano
The capacity to remember
Long path to recovery for fishermen in Japan's northeast
Vaclav Klaus's pen snatching recalls a similar kerfuffle over gloves in 1991
4 new mysteries for spring
Reader recommendation: Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny – Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam
Coupon sites that could save you hundreds
Google earnings: one of five things to watch April 14