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Monitor Articles for April 13, 2011

Tax evasion: Why do so many Americans cheat?
Feds' request: Let us take on jail that bans all books except the Bible
Barry Bonds verdict: A conviction likely to satisfy no one
US seizes man in Somalia, says he was pirates' negotiator in fatal hijacking
Obama vs. Paul Ryan: five ways their debt plans differ
New Internet privacy bill: How would it protect consumers?
Is space shuttle Endeavour worth hundreds of millions of dollars to L.A.?
Renewable energy: Will new law help or hurt California economy?
Obama speech: His four-part plan to cut $4 trillion from federal deficits
Stocks end slightly up after wavering
Palestinians build support for statehood at Brussels meeting
Street Fighter X Tekken adds six new names [VIDEO]
Justin Bieber and Bibi: A meeting canceled by Israeli politics
The Monitor's View Obama's deficit plan: Let the debate begin
NAEP report: 'Rigor works,' so schools need tougher classes
Credit-card swipe fees: US firms pay too much – and it hurts consumers
California takes decisive step against Congo's conflict minerals
Nettles for supper? Try them as pesto.
What do Nigeria's election results tell us so far?
US resists pressure from Europe's hawks to boost role in Libya fight
Belarus terror probe widens into crackdown on opposition
Top 5 nations working the most hours
Kenya revives its colonial rail system to meet its modern needs
Human rights: Use satellite "spy" camera for proof and prevention
Senior US military official in Iraq advocates keeping some troops longer
Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft ramps up its release schedule
Red River floods fields, but US farmers ready
Innovation in senior care: 'Telecaregivers' help more seniors age at home
Yemen's rival military factions clash for first time
Sendai Airport reopens, but Japan still lacks plan to end nuclear crisis
Are Americans overtaxed?
Obama national debt plan: Will it all come down to taxes?
Opinion Recovery in Japan: Will it be heavy-handed or hands-off?
10 best novels about the US Civil War
Ukraine struggles to balance lure of Europe, pull of Russia
Millions of dollars found in a South Korean garlic field. Currency debate ensues.
Who works the longest hours? Mexicans, says OECD Report.
Theft by inflation
Opinion Time to arm Libyan rebels: Here's how
Will readers accept ads in exchange for a cheaper Kindle?
Dancing with the Stars results: Not so sweet for Sugar Ray Leonard
High oil prices are here to stay
Obama's chance to get back in the game
Mubarak and sons' detention a victory for Egypt's opposition
Fukushima: Not Chernobyl, but bad enough
Danish 'flexicurity' failing the test of the recession
France, Britain urge more aggressive Libya military campaign
US kills 6 suspected militants despite Pakistan's demand for end to drone attacks
$600 in groceries for $10? Yes. How? Extreme couponing.
China's political crackdown: How my visit with Li Datong was thwarted by police
At home in your Father's house
401(k) or Roth IRA for catching up on retirement savings?
April continues as grilled cheese month
The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood
Reader recommendation: On Gandhi’s Path
JPMorgan earnings: one of five things to watch April 13
Aurora borealis surprises Air France passenger, awes viewers [VIDEO]
Stocks close lower amid falling oil prices
$10 million buried in garlic field. Farmer arrested.