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Monitor Articles for April 1, 2011

Knut the celebrity polar bear drowned say experts
The best/worst deals in baseball tickets, food
Treasury bonds: Rates edge lower
'The Kennedys' miniseries: Where JFK meets Michael Jackson
Jerry Brown taking his budget-cutting campaign into GOP territory
Debit-card rewards: beginning of the end?
Michele Bachmann puts up presidential-size fundraising numbers
Unemployment drop boosts stocks
Arizona march puts spotlight on shootings by border patrol
Trust: movie review
Winter in Wartime: movie review
In a Better World: movie review
Teacher suspended for Facebook post: called kids future criminals, parents say
Donald Trump: Still an apprentice on foreign policy?
HTC Thunderbolt review: Verizon strikes at 4G speed
The best online April Fools' pranks of 2011
Libya fallout: Why Iran, North Korea now less likely to drop nuclear ambitions
UN staff killed by Afghan mob enraged over Florida Quran burning
Thirty years after Reagan was shot, Jim and Sarah Brady courageously keep the pressure on for gun control
Radioactive milk harmless, but will consumers buy it?
Mexico, long lagging in gender equality, nominates first female attorney general
Can Research in Motion be saved?
Boeing sells 15 planes to Turkish Airlines
Life in Nairobi, as seen from the windows of its minibuses
Monitor Breakfast Is Japan crisis becoming a slow meltdown? No, says US Energy secretary. (video)
Bahrain's calculated campaign of intimidation
Syrian protesters face more violence in campaign against Assad
12 books Seth Godin thinks you should read
UN questions Mexican Army's role in drug war
Electric cars? Sales are blah. But other 'green' cars surge.
Japan nuclear update: Where will they put the radioactive water?
The Monitor's View Violence against protests in Syria: Why the mild US response?
Monitor Breakfast Energy secretary: Planned GOP cuts could cost US in clean-energy race (video)
Vague language is OK in early debt reduction talks
Tax Day 2011 has been put off. And that's no April Fool's joke.
L.L. Bean promotes free shipping. By bus!
Unemployment rate drops 0.1 percent, showing 'positive momentum' in job market
Bake sale for Japan: Nutella crunch brownies
Forget the sphinx figurine. Egypt's souvenir peddlers have more revolutionary swag.
April Fool's Day history: five best-ever pranks
Libyan rebels offer cease-fire. Does Qaddafi have the upper hand?
Ivory Coast's pro-Ouattara forces storm presidential palace
Unemployment down? For these five cities, it has gone up.
Opinion Cost of US 'free' trade: collapse of two centuries of broadly shared prosperity
April Fool's? Nope. Muammar Qaddafi really does love Flamenco dancing.
Book club alert: 3 good picks for April
Fixed mortgages: Rates rise but still under 5 percent
Reader recommendation: Autobiography of Mark Twain
Bestselling books the week of 3/31/11, according to IndieBound*
"Tokyo Vice" author Jake Adelstein ponders the Japanese response to disaster
Autocrats and the road to ruin
Opinion Cooperation in Congress? It's in our constitutional DNA.
Libya's opposition says it would consider ceasefire: April 1 Mideast update
Radioactive boars in Germany a legacy of Chernobyl
France's Sarkozy faces rifts on Islam debate
Black hole or infinite light?
Syrian opposition plans Friday protests, keeping pressure on Assad
American Idol eliminations: Two go home
Source Code: movie review
MONITOR QUIZ: 5 questions on baseball history
Tabletop gardens welcome spring
Fat stigma spreads from Western countries
Betty White hosts new hidden camera show
Google CEO change: one of five things to watch April 1