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Monitor Articles for March 4, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords shooting suspect charged with murder
Rodney King riots won't happen again, say police
Shuttle Discovery's crew: a moment to reflect amid rush to complete tasks
Next up for Senate: votes on two budget plans, more than $50 billion apart
Slightest signs of compromise emerge in Wisconsin labor fight
As Harvard welcomes back ROTC, other elite schools may follow
As refugees pile up at Libya borders, nations step up humanitarian efforts
Natalie Portman aside, is Mike Huckabee right about single mothers?
Car recalls and Mazda's mystery spider
What federal spending should be axed? US public has its own ideas.
Carmen in 3D: movie review
Happythankyoumoreplease: movie review
Army's new physical training incorporates yoga, resting
Did flawed US policies play role in death of a border patrol agent?
DIY toothpaste?
Killing of skinhead leader David Lynch: What was the motive?
Frankfurt gunman in US airmen killing kept radical company on Facebook
Battles erupt in key cities, moving Libya closer to civil war
Stocks end down, but sharply off lows
A thoroughly modern opera: Robots enter a new frontier
Top Picks: A tribute to Bob Marley, a Tchaikovsky concert, Aaron Neville's new album, and more
Cyclamen: A cheery indoor plant for winter-weary gardeners
Carbon emissions trading: more buy in, small impact
An upside of Arab revolts: Islamists talk democracy
Budget wranglers find 'entitlement cuts' and 'tax hikes' still dirty words
The Monitor's View Wisconsin protesters can win, but not as they might think
Reader recommendation: The Rules of Engagement
iPad 2: For iPad fans, a blessing. For PC makers, a downer.
Opinion Adoption fairs are speed dating for kids. Families need 'arranged marriages' instead.
Hugo Chávez challenges Venezuelan 'birthright' to cheap gas
McLobster rumor? Nah! McDonalds should add these five items.
Egypt's new PM cheered in Tahrir Square
John Galliano fired, Christian Dior fashion show goes on
Dollar value falls down on currency list
In Estonia, Communism's collapse paved the way for Wi-Fi everywhere
Wisconsin collective bargaining: Will Walker win the battle but lose the war?
The Adjustment Bureau: movie review
Unemployment rate drops to 8.9 percent. Has the economy turned a corner?
Mexican trucks to ply US highways? Obama is ready to roll.
Rebel leader's attacks don't bode well for South Sudan
'Company Men' shows reality of job loss
Libya preventing refugees from leaving as fighting escalates
Cookbook review: 'Cooking Light Comfort Food'
Government check in the mail? No, on a debit card.
Opinion Should you panic about oil prices?
Russia's ex-spy Anna Chapman launches website amid rumors of political run
Baby dolphin die-off in Gulf: Cold water, not oil spill, the culprit?
Jobs go unfilled despite high unemployment
A US aid package for the Arab awakening? Consider these three things.
At Christian lawmaker's funeral, Pakistan's PM mum on blasphemy law
Iran's artists struggle to find space for expression
TSA aimed to put body scanners in public places
Tax reform won't help most businesses
Congo lifts mining ban
How Egypt's protesters will change US ties
John Hughes How much does Obama value freedom? Arab uprisings will be his test.
Why Europe is turning away from multiculturalism
Stocks slump after February jobs news
NFL lockout: If Friday's deadline passes, is the 2011 season doomed?
Clarence Thomas and the politicization of the Supreme Court
Qaddafi welcomes Chávez's offer to mediate in Libya
Housing without Fannie and Freddie
American Idol: Top 10 plus three wildcard contestants. Surprised?
God's family: There's always room for one more
Catherine of Aragon, One 'Quietly Fierce' Queen
Inflation: It's not always a bad thing
Data plans from AT&T: iPad users can cut costs
Pressed flower pictures, works of art at the Philadelphia Flower Show
US air power: Made in India?
Tax filing rule repealed by House
My Korean Deli
Yellow sac spiders infest Mazda cars, cause recall