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Monitor Articles for March 20, 2011

Syria protests escalate, but could revolt really take root?
Brazil's 'City of God' embraces Obama
Tax deductions: Parents pay student's debt. Is it deductible?
How French jets saved Libya's rebels at the last minute
How Egypt's historic referendum could now bolster Islamists
Arab League now worried about Qaddafi retaliation after supporting Libya no-fly zone
At war in Libya: How long will it last? Will Qaddafi be gone?
Boeing 747-8 attracts thousands for maiden flight
Secretary Chu says Americans 'in no danger' from Japanese nuclear reactors
Japan disaster relief now getting through to most survivors
Health care reform takes hold in Indiana
As Libyans fight, Egyptians revel in first free vote for decades
With no-fly zone in Libya now, US-led coalition freer to attack
From pop star to president? Haiti looks set to elect 'Sweet Micky.'
West backs off calls for Libya regime change as Qaddafi warns of 'long war'
Are Hamas hardliners trying to derail Hamas-Fatah unity talks?
Japan nuclear crisis: Will it give nations pause?
When to divide perennials