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Monitor Articles for March 12, 2011

Japan's radiation leak: Shades of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl?
Wisconsin has a new law, but future of unions still a hot issue
Japan nuclear plant, Libya show challenge of 'energy security'
Japan tsunami a wake-up call for US west coast
And now, Bible trading cards for kids
Daylight savings time: clocks should 'spring ahead'
Japan earthquake: Officials say nuclear catastrophe averted
Jane Eyre: movie review
Red Riding Hood: movie review
March in the Southern California garden
Wisconsin protests: 'democracy in action' or 'mob rule'?
Monitor's weekly news quiz: March 11th
Yemen protest violence seen as start of more intense confrontation
Explosion destroys building at nuclear power plant in Japan
Airline tickets pricier – and not just due to oil
Japan is in our prayers
Japan scrambles to coordinate earthquake rescue and relief efforts