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Monitor Articles for March 10, 2011

Peter King hearings: Are American Muslims the problem or the solution?
Gov. Jerry Brown misses his own budget deadline. Is that a big deal?
Peter King hearing shows 'sharply polarized' attitudes toward Islam
iPad 2 review roundup
Did Wisconsin Republicans need to attack collective bargaining?
In NPR scandal, small radio stations stand to be biggest losers
Light bulbs in spotlight as senators lambaste US efficiency standards
Stocks plunge amid widespread global jitters
Tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen? A new browser plugin will fix that.
Monitor Breakfast US 'well ahead' of pace needed to double exports, US trade rep says (video)
Obama takes on bullies at White House anti-bullying summit
Post-Vivian Schiller, big stakes in NPR's next moves
Who will win the battle between teachers and taxpayers?
Can Morocco's King Mohammed VI outpace Morocco's 'winds of change'?
Monitor Breakfast David Stern, beware. Obama official covets NBA commissioner's job. (video)
Both sides of Libya's conflict attempt to woo a divided Europe
Top 5 on Forbes rich list? Bill, Warren ... and Carlos!
What one university in LA can teach another about investments
The Monitor's View King hearings on Muslim Americans: When government hits on one group
Why did Peter King take on CAIR at radicalization hearings?
Pentagon's quiet shift on Afghanistan war: Maybe safe havens aren't crucial
How Qaddafi is blackmailing oil markets
In Egypt, a violent campaign to subvert the revolution
Tapas recipe: Galician-style octopus
Qaddafi counteroffensive is closing world's window to aid Libya rebels
A Czech town memorializes oft-forgotten victims
China earthquake kills 24 and destroys over 1,000 buildings
Sudanese 'Lost Boys' in US, men now, look homeward to new nation
Internet Explorer 9 primed for March 14 launch
Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan receives important northern endorsement
Dalai Lama set to resign. What role will he play then?
Carlos Slim: Poor nation billionaires high on Forbes rich list
Republicans demand ransom from the White House
'Green' funds, in the red, buy not-so-green stocks
Wisconsin union fight: Did Democrats get their just deserts?
Biden's Moscow visit reaffirms US-Russia 'reset'
Muslim women in America speak out
Continued unemployment claims fall, initial claims rise
How North Korea has skillfully exploited a defector standoff with South
Stocks tumble. Dow down nearly 170 points.
China dismisses Dalai Lama's move to step down as a 'trick'
Opinion Peter King, your hearings aren't just bigoted. They're making things worse.
Locked in a 3D war, LG and Samsung battle to be king of flat-screen technology
Jim Tressel fiasco: Selling NCAA memorabilia? Wait.
Eating our words
A young woman's quest for true love in Baghdad
White House anti-bullying summit: You're invited
Opinion Peter King hearing: Why won't media – or Muslims – address Islamism in America?
Opinion Muslim Americans: What would Jesus (or George Washington) do?
Zdeno Chara not suspended by NHL despite big hit on Pacioretty
Illinois death penalty abolished, state clears death row
Julianne Moore set to play Sarah Palin in HBO film
A different look at public vs. private pay
Beaten BBC journalists reveal details of Qaddafi's torture apparatus
Who's testifying at controversial House hearing on radical Islam in US?
Easy money and economic illusions
Spider-Man comic: How 12 cents became $1.1 million
All eyes on GOP House freshmen in budget impasse. Will they budge?
Underwater mortgages rise: Nearly a quarter of borrowers affected
American Idol Top 13: Paul McDonald introduces JLo to Ryan Adams
How much do you know about American Idol? Take our quiz.
Garden Ornaments
China aims to prevent unrest by pushing a more 'inclusive' growth
The Long Road Home: The Aftermath of the Second World War
Reader recommendation: Dante's Inferno
Migration from Libya and Tunisia: prayers for refugees