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Monitor Articles for February 4, 2011

Deals of the week: Dollar General, Cheez-It, and Barnes & Noble
Obama's jobs plan: On a collision course with GOP budget cuts?
Behind closed doors, bipartisan bids to break budget impasse
Mark Kelly hopes wife Gabrielle Giffords will attend shuttle launch
Waiting for Forever: movie review
Sanctum: movie review
US wants assurances that Egypt transition talks aren't a sham
What time does the Super Bowl start and what ads should you look for?
Pentagon fears Iraq is becoming 'forgotten war'
Super bowl recipes: A round-up for your party
For Lila Rose, Planned Parenthood video 'sting' is about revolution
Super Bowl commercials 2011:The best 3 online now (video)
Global Viewpoint US can blame itself for anger in the Middle East, and start making peace
Special Report: How the Egyptian revolt will recast the Middle East
Black History Month: 6 classic novels
Obama's pressure on Mubarak could cost US regional influence
Opinion Why I won't be watching the Super Bowl: Football is un-American
The Monitor's View Egypt's true revolution? A leaderless movement, fueled by universal values.
iPhone users receive free mini cellphone towers from AT&T
Grilled pork roast with mustard and fresh herbs
Opinion Ronald Reagan at 100: How America's 40th president passed a key test of character
Stronger sense of Egyptian identity emerges among protesters
'Teach for India' takes a page from US
Was Ronald Reagan a good president?
National debt: Whom does the US owe?
Full-time unemployment drops 1 percent from November
Global Viewpoint Uh-oh, the Muslim Brotherhood is rising -- but Egyptians can stop it
Believe the hype. The Verizon iPhone will take over.
Astronaut Mark Kelly flying on a wing and a prayer
Economy is healing, but slowly
Website editor's trial in Thailand a test case for media freedom
Thai-Cambodian clashes, nationalist passions, and a neglected temple
My imaginary garden
Nepal gets new leader, but future still jittery
Unemployment rate dives, but few new jobs created. How can that be?
Unemployment rate doesn't lie, but payroll data might
Super Bowl recipe: nachos and grilled cheese sandwich
US-sized Cyclone Yasi could cost Australia more than $2 billion
Saving Adam Smith's house
Making the most of urban density: a visit to NYC
Oh 'holey' tax system
Egypt: reflections from the author of "Down the Nile"
Iran's Khamenei praises Egyptian protesters, declares 'Islamic awakening'
Republicans are like a scared dog
Egypt protests stir a jumble of emotions for Egyptian-Americans
So much snow. So little room. Time for a snow party?
3 good books for February reading
Tensions erupt as Thailand, Cambodia exchange gunfire at disputed border temple
'We don't need to do favorites'
American Idol L.A. auditions: The Gutierrez brothers vs. Matt 'Big Stats' Frankel