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Monitor Articles for February 3, 2011

Fort Hood attack: Did Army ignore red flags out of political correctness?
House GOP wants $74 billion in budget cuts: Draconian or only a start?
US-Egyptian military ties: How much leverage does the Pentagon have?
Verizon iPhone review roundup
Egypt protests: journalists under attack on an 'unprecedented' scale
Did bill try to redefine rape? GOP backs down after public outcry.
New York poised to ban smoking in Central Park, Times Square
America's power grid too vulnerable to cyberattack, US report finds
Egypt uprising: The first strike in the counteroffensive
Planned Parenthood under fire after release of ACORN-like 'pimp' videos
Egypt's VP uses state TV to blame unrest on 'foreign agendas'
Five US cities that ban smoking in public parks
Bernanke: Federal Reserve not to blame for food price inflation
If direct spending is frozen, might as well cap tax breaks, too
Europe ups pressure on Mubarak, calling for immediate transition in Egypt
Gulf oil spill: Judge orders protections for people seeking damages
Verizon iPhone: Tales from the 3 a.m. pre-order
America's prisoners: Should we shoot them with a giant ray gun?
Obama's prayers: charity, humility, and longer skirts for Malia
Super Bowl 2011: My life with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers
In Yemen's Tahrir Square, progrovernment crowds counter 'day of wrath'
The Monitor's View America's best agents in Cairo: US-trained Egyptian officers
iPhone choice: Is AT&T or Verizon better?
Foreign journalists targeted in Egypt rage: An inside look
Syria's Day of Anger? Most Syrians suspect few will take to the streets.
Angry Birds Rio: New levels with a new look
Mortgage modifications part of Countrywide settlement
Sports fans get a virtual pat down
Income tax quandary: I make $320,000. Can I cut my taxes?
For Super Bowl fans, an X's and O's page-turner
For many foreigners fleeing Egypt, a chaotic and tense exit
Smell a rat? Then buy some gold.
Could Syria see an uprising like Egypt's? Not likely.
Winter storm raises the question: What's going on with the weather?
Tiger Woods: A challenging start to the year
Egypt protests: An endgame seems to be approaching, but whose?
Can Russia rival the X-37B space plane with its own robotic spacecraft?
It turns out that squids can hear. But do they listen?
Can Tunisia or Egypt find role model in Turkey?
Worried about investment, Indians now rank corruption as No.1 concern
6 books to beat the winter blues
Opinion The deficit Americans should think about most: personal character
Walter Rodgers Our misplaced obsession with Sarah Palin
Food stamp usage up 14 percent from last year
Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly advances in Haiti election over president's pick
Bold and exotic Brugmansia
To celebrate Chinese New Year, a study in red and rhubarb
iPad, beware: Cool 3D games appearing on Android tablets, too (VIDEO)
The corporate hoarders
What Egypt's unrest could mean for Hamas
1,500-year-old church discovered by archaeologists in Israel
Protests are paralyzing Egyptian economy
Helping prevent nuclear attack
Trains need a new conductor: the market
American Idol apologizes for Steven Tyler but delivers John Wayne Schulz
Rocking the boat with behavioral economics
Pakistan court extends detention of US embassy official
Egypt street battles: How Cairo's Tahrir Square turned into a war zone overnight
Roger Rosenblatt: How do you teach writing?
Photos of isolated Amazonian tribe raise awareness of deforestation in Brazil, Peru
Reader recommendation: Robert Morris, Financier of the American Revolution