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Monitor Articles for February 27, 2011

How Colin Firth learned to stammer for his Oscar-winning role in 'The King's Speech'
PS22 Chorus: What's the secret to their success?
Opinion Costly fence on US-Mexico border is effective – only in hurting nature
Tunisia's PM Ghannouchi quits amid new protests for real change
Opposition declares new Libya government as Qaddafi hangs on
Gov. Scott Walker not backing down on Wisconsin union fight
Tips to attract bees to your yard
Chile earthquake anniversary puts President Piñera in the hotseat
How foreign movie heroes differ from Hollywood's
My night at the Oscars
Prices are rising with the money supply
Shuttle Discovery docks at the Space Station for its final mission
Enda Kenny hails 'democratic revolution' in Ireland
The Oscars 2011: How real are the reality-based Best Picture nominees?
Pro football hopefuls face big test of their talents: NFL Combine
UN Security Council hits Qaddafi with sanctions, war crimes investigations
Oscar night: At the movies, we all get a vote
Classic review: In the Country of Men