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Monitor Articles for February 22, 2011

Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral race, avoids runoff
Behind Libya: rising food prices and US debt
How climate change models could get better, thanks to NASA
iPad 2 will be unveiled on March 2: report
Chicago turns out for 'historic' mayoral election with no Daley on ballot
John Thune isn't running for president. Who will make the first move?
Imported inflation hits US consumers
Oil prices: Why is West Texas out of whack with Brent?
Study: Eating bugs could reduce global warming
Dems, GOP in Congress begin dance to avert government shutdown
Qaddafi vows to stay or die as 'a martyr'; world weighs limited options
Iranian Cyber Army takes credit for VOA hack
Gaddafi? Kadafi? Qaddafi? What's the correct spelling?
Why neither side is blinking in Wisconsin's union-GOP budget showdown
Are 'quantum dots' the future of TV screens?
Somali pirates: Do shootings of four Americans point to armed escalation?
Case-Shiller index shows big dip in housing prices
West Africa Rising: Google sees 'ocean of possibilities' south of the Sahara
Why Tuesday's New Zealand earthquake was deadlier than previous one
How absolute is Qaddafi's power? 4 key questions.
Iraqi officials bend to protesters' demands
Medvedev rebuffs Gorbachev's warning of 'Egyptian scenario' in Russia. Who's right?
Why the budget deficit is so hard for Congress to shrink
Is an Apple Mac-lash coming?
Justin Bieber cuts his hair, sending legions of boys to the barber
Qaddafi speech: More Saddam Hussein than Mubarak
The Monitor's View The world's responsibility to protect Libyans
As Europe watches Arab unrest, fears over oil, migration shade its response
Green papaya salad with crispy anchovies
World launches efforts for New Zealand earthquake victims
Why did Somali pirates kill four American yachters?
Qaddafi speech: I can't resign since I'm not president
Supreme Court refuses appeal about Ten Commandments displays
Thomas Jefferson's books – sought by researchers for decades – have been found
Opinion Vodafone in Egypt: How tech companies can uphold, not violate, human rights
Why Aung San Suu Kyi wants to keep sanctions on Burma
Parents can't sue drug firms when vaccines cause harm, Supreme Court says
Oil prices surge on Libya unrest
The Unbelievers
Consumer confidence rises to three-year high
Why Uganda's Besigye failed to deliver Egypt-style protests after election defeat
Baseball books: 9 personal favorites
With Mubarak gone, Egyptians turn to courts for justice
In Saudi Arabia, reformers intensify calls for change
Opinion Wisconsin unions vs. Governor Walker is a battle for the soul of America
Winter storm hits Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
News that Raymond Davis is CIA could further jeopardize his return
The joy and aggravations of community gardens
Iran warships enter Suez Canal
Rod Blagojevich seeks to toss wiretaps
Qaddafi deserted by Libyan diplomats amid brutal crackdown
Libya's turmoil hits home as oil prices rise
Maine lobster harvest hits record
New Zealand earthquake: Authorities scramble after temblor leaves at least 65 dead
Monarchies and prayer