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Monitor Articles for February 2, 2011

Anderson Cooper attacked in Tahrir square during Cairo protests
Egypt street violence: Few options for Obama administration
Health-care repeal fails in Senate: What's the next GOP target?
Egypt protests from afar: Americans wait nervously for loved ones' return
Farmers Field: L.A. edges closer to building $1 billion football stadium
Kepler telescope's astonishing haul: 54 planet-candidates in 'habitable zone'
Egypt uprising: Making my way home during the battle for Tahrir
Value added tax: Senate weighs a tax reform Reagan once shunned
Climate change will bring more monster winter storms
iPhone: Seven reasons to stick with AT&T
Massive snowstorm will cost workers and businesses
Seven ways to reform a broken tax system
In Lebanon, Scouts learn loyalty – to a political movement
After Egypt's protests, Jordan's king faces more assertive public
Tunisia struggles for stability and a fresh start as Egypt protest turns violent
Muslim-American terrorism study: Not many incidents, but it only takes one
Winter storm's airport impact: 13,000 canceled flights
The unexamined life is more expensive
Usain Bolt, Jamaican Olympians to be outfitted by Bob Marley's daughter
Super Bowl recipes: Spinach dip and fried wonton chips
The myth of credit for small businesses
Japan's economy in deep trouble? Look again.
Hiybbprqag: Did Google catch Bing cheating?
Congo's army reaches breakthrough with Kivus' rebel group
Is median income a good indicator of economic progress?
Egypt's Mubarak, protesters dig in heels
Verizon iPhone: Three important steps before you upgrade
Why Palestinians remain so quiet as Egyptians loudly rail against Mubarak
Stocks prices up, but housing still hurts
Egypt reopens Internet, Facebook access
Scientists create invisibility cloak, still need to iron out wrinkles
Nine countries in the Middle East where 'winds of change' are blowing
Does everyone need a college degree? Maybe not, says Harvard study.
Opinion Pentagon cuts don't cut it. Want to really save money? Get a new security strategy.
How revolt in Egypt, Tunisia plays in South Africa
Troy Polamalu: AP's Defensive Player of the Year, CSM Hair MVP
Borders falls on report, bankruptcy possible
Why so coy about 2012, Mitt Romney?
The Monitor's View Protests in Egypt come down to a demand for dignity
Global Viewpoint A bold plan to resolve crisis in Egypt
Super Bowl 2011: Test your Pittsburgh Steelers knowledge … Part 2
Punxsutawney Phil: 2011 will see early spring. Can we trust a groundhog?
5 good books about Egypt
South Korean film director debuts his latest big screen tool: the iPhone.
The garden in winter
Why the Dow Jones average finally closed above 12000
Prayer and protests in Egypt
Opinion Why Obama's position on Egypt's Mubarak was too little, too late
Qatari men may have coordinated with 9/11 terrorists: WikiLeaks cable
Groundhog day: Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring
An Iran-style outcome for Egypt? Why there are key differences.
iPad newspaper arrives Wednesday. Can it survive?
Cyclone Yasi bears down on Australia's coast
Yemen's Saleh agrees not to run again. Is that good enough for protesters?
Why Leaders Lie
Reader recommendation: The Tenth Parallel