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Monitor Articles for February 17, 2011

World's largest toy collection breaks records
F-35 jet a waste of taxpayers' dollars, say McCain, Gates
Union battle echoes beyond Wisconsin: 'We’re fighting for our very existence'
John Boehner takes on government-funded jobs – unless they're in Ohio
Robocop statue: A youthful lift for Detroit or a monument to blight?
What hibernating bears can tell us about space travel
Solar flare 2011: How a dazzling display can wreak electrical havoc
Sarah Palin doesn't want a feud with Michelle Obama. We think.
Obama makes Silicon Valley pilgrimage in quest to boost US innovation
10 most intriguing tablets of 2011
Watch out, Netflix. Redbox and Amazon are looking for a fight.
Hedge fund fees finally coming down
Blunt and stingy, Jerry Brown suits California just fine this time around
South Africa's now-neutral stance on Ivory Coast infuriates president-elect's camp
Belgium takes a world record – in political dysfunction
Apple MacBook Pro: Is a new Mac laptop on the way?
Monitor Breakfast Video: Social Security isn't part of budget problem, says OMB director
Trendy threads from waste
Natalie Munroe calls out 'whiny' kids: Do teacher blogs help or hurt schools?
How to grow and prepare strawberries
Apple app store: Changes roil users
Borders store closing list includes outlets from east coast to west
The Monitor's View Sen. Scott Brown's revelation of physical and sexual abuse can help others
Tax reform: the wheels are beginning to turn
Monitor Breakfast Video: Backroom bipartisan talks 'positive,' says Obama budget director
David R. Francis Estate taxes: States will want their cut, too
Smartphones: Beware those payment apps
Michael Vick opts out of 'Oprah' appearance; did Eagles, dog owners force him to scramble?
Iraq war: why US military withdrawal might not happen in 2011
In France, US advocacy for Muslim rights raises more than a few hackles
Growth Spurt
Why Uganda's 25-year ruler is unlikely to face Egypt-style protests
American Innovation: 13 Born-in-the-USA inventions
In Liberia, splurging on sushi to feel at home
Verbal Energy A creative partnership of games and play
American Idol tops Survivor: Will Redemption Island save franchise?
A third-grader's theft
Hungry for books
Inflation rate: why prices are rising on everything from cornflakes to socks
In Israel, income can't keep up with GDP growth
Opinion Why the Islamic Right should act like the Christian Right
Iran warships through the Suez Canal? Messaging, opportunism, and fearmongering.
Cambodian band aims to revive music almost eliminated by Khmer Rouge
Solar flare wreaking havoc on Earth's radio communications
China's latest trade visit to Africa reveals a different approach to business
Cedar Rapids: movie review
Can US farmers beat the heat?
Scott Brown memoir details childhood abuse and a life of hardship
Global Viewpoint The real challenge for Internet freedom? US hypocrisy. And there's no app for that.
Behavioral economists, can people really know what they want?
Chicago mayor's race: What the candidates promise
South Sudan's post-referendum calm ended by clashes with renegade militia
So much stimulus, so little to show for it
Opinion In debate over iPhone confession app, aftershocks of Calvinist-Catholic fault line
Can you ditch your life insurance?
Where is Bahrain's unrest headed?
Walter Rodgers Crusades redux: Will Jerusalem soon be surrounded by hostile Islamists?
Libya's antigovernment protests escalate on 'day of rage' against Muammar Qaddafi
Cable TV not losing customers to online video
Social media: The Wild West of marketing
Mideast unrest: Revolution is the easy part
American Idol group auditions: Jaycee Badeaux and other teens shine
Bank taxes buoy New York, but teacher cuts loom
Raymond Davis: Pakistan delays ruling on jailed American
Uganda election: Politics and land rights collide in the country's oil-rich east
Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
Without friends and family, an answer to feeling lonely
Reader recommendation: My Reading Life
Watson on Jeopardy: Watson dominates. Is HAL 9000 next?
Mickey Rooney claims stepson has kept him imprisoned in home
Maya Angelou, George H. W. Bush among those who received Medal of Freedom