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Monitor Articles for February 15, 2011

Hillary Clinton champions Internet freedom, but cautions on WikiLeaks
Comet Tempel 1: Stardust photos reveal crater that 'partly healed itself'
Smoke and mirrors in Obama's budget? Five examples of creative accounting.
Is Obama's tough talk enough to help Iran's protesters?
California cities' latest budget trick: fine out-of-towners for car crashes
Amanda Knox: Parents of imprisoned American student indicted for slander
On Jeopardy, Watson's mistakes reveal its genius
Stock exchange has second losing day
Robocop statue plan nixed by Detroit mayor
Bestselling books the week of 2/17/11, according to IndieBound*
Do black holes spin? The answer could be in the photons.
France's dispute with Mexico over Florence Cassez moves from diplomatic arena to cultural stage
Coca-Cola recipe uncapped?
An entrepreneur's plan: Trash the plans and dive right in
Riding the subway with the 'book spy'
The Monitor's View Hillary Clinton's plan to topple dictators with an open Internet
St. Martin island flaunts its French food
Top Picks: 'Downton Abbey,' Buffalo Tom, 'Secret Service Files,' and more
A Sudden Thaw
Verbal Energy I sing the body electric – or electrical?
Obama: I didn't punt on entitlement reform in federal budget
Opinion Obama's 'red menace' debt is the problem. Can Republicans sell the solution in 2012?
Mystery shrouds shooting death of Ortega enemy 'Comandante Jahob' in Nicaragua
Orthodox Israeli chef says kosher can be gourmet
David R. Francis Medicare, Obamacare future? Snip, snip, snip.
Medal of Freedom: A pair of sports stars honored too
Bahrain emerging as flashpoint in Middle East unrest
US aid to Egypt: What does it buy?
Obama plans to cut taxes. And raise them, too.
Zynga – maker of 'FarmVille' – in talks to raise cash
Alberto Contador, 2010 Tour de France winner, cleared of doping allegations
Westminster Dog Show 2011: The five best dog books to read before, during, and after
Do botanical names really matter in gardening?
Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren, Pagani: Is a supercar war brewing?
John Hughes Arab revolts: What would Reagan do?
UN urges Cambodia-Thailand cease-fire, but will it happen?
Opinion After Egypt uprising, Israel can't afford to ignore nonviolent Palestinian protesters
Homeland security: New York City a big winner in FY 2012 budget proposal
Russian 'higher ups' orchestrated trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, says court assistant
Westminster Dog Show 2011: Can my dog join Westminster Kennel Club?
West Africa Rising: Could rising food prices spark Egypt-style revolt in Africa?
How ethanol production could make for crumbly corn chips
Ben Bernanke is no magician
Italy's Silvio Berlusconi faces April trial for relations with 'Ruby the Heart Stealer'
The Steelers won the Super Bowl? T-shirts sent to Africa say so.
Indicators show Greek economy is weakest in Eurozone
NPR and PBS subsidies are unfair
Chevron's Ecuador problem: Oil giant vows to fight $9 billion environmental ruling
Roast chicken with artichoke-lemon pan sauce
72 new images of comet Tempel 1 streaming in from Stardust-NExT flyby
Healthy, tasty, quick, or cheap? Pick three.
As UK inflation goes up, bank buries its head
US backs Iran protests; Iranian lawmakers want opposition leaders executed
The fading remnants of South Korea's traditional buildings
The $3.7 trillion budget: Is anybody happy?
Financial aid: One of six tools to graduate debt-free
Mad as Hell
In Latin America, new ads aim to steer men away from machismo
A spiritual view of Egypt in transition
Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber cause buzz at Grammy Awards