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Monitor Articles for February 11, 2011

Whaling shipwreck found in Hawaii linked to Moby-Dick
Chile earthquake measures strong 6.8
Arnold Schwarzenegger tweets his return to the big screen?
Chicago runoff? Despite big lead, Rahm Emanuel may come up just short.
Mandatory paid sick leave: How has it worked in San Francisco?
With lawsuit, Arizona tries to stare down Obama on illegal immigration
Obama's note to Robert Gibbs on last day: 'You helped me get started'
Young conservatives storm Washington for CPAC. Bring on 2012, they say.
The Eagle: movie review
Just Go With It: movie review
Cold Weather: movie review
Egypt's revolution redefines what's possible in the Arab world
Southern California gardening: What to do in February
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 101: How much will we miss them?
As Mubarak resigns, Yemenis call for a revolution of their own
Smaller iPhone reportedly designed by Apple
Hosni Mubarak steps down. How will transition begin?
Obama on Egypt: Praise for the 'moral force of nonviolence'
Israel fears loss of a crucial ally with Mubarak's fall
Windows Phone deal is good news for Microsoft. But what about Nokia?
Pride, tears, joy: Egyptian-Americans celebrate Egypt's new beginning
Opinion Egypt after Mubarak: History has been made, but what's next?
Australopithecus afarensis bone could change story of human evolution
Hispanic students make strides on AP exams, College Board reports
Speculating on bonds vs. buying gold
Opinion Mubarak steps down. Will Obama step up?
Phase out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Here's White House's plan.
In Sudan, protests met with violent government response
Soap operas bring linguistic democracy to South Africa
After Mubarak's ouster, Egypt's days of revolt shift to party of vast proportions
Women's share of jobs slipping
KKK leader on specialty license plates? Plan in Mississippi raises hackles.
Russia's renewed focus on Kuril Islands draws Japanese ire
Opinion Mubarak steps down: Obama's a big reason why
Mubarak stepping down in Egypt: Was it a coup?
Patents battle for TiVo, EchoStar moves forward
Mubarak steps down. What comes next for the Egyptian revolution?
Sweet recipe ideas for Valentine's Day
High profile China-Taiwan spy case sends tremor through strengthening ties
With Egypt's Mubarak out, the question is 'Who is Omar Suleiman?'
A fond farewell for a 50-year journalist -- and his unique archiving system
Mubarak out as Iran's Ahmadinejad claims ownership of Mideast 'divine awakening'
David R. Francis Is honesty waning in American business?
Mitt Romney at CPAC: The big thing he didn't talk about
The Monitor's View After Mubarak: Egypt's revolution was one of identity
WikiLeaks' Assange's defense says he won't receive fair trial in Sweden
Valentines poems and sweet nothings from smitten US presidents
Hosni Mubarak steps down as Egyptian president, VP announces
California should sell its prison with a bay view
Sarkozy angers French judges, chides ministers, disses multiculturalism – and sinks in polls
Thomas Edison honored with incandescent Google Doodle
Opinion Egypt crisis: Why was the US caught flat-footed -- again?
Deals of the Week: Chef Boyardee, Taco Bell, Gap Outlet, and more
Opinion Why does contemporary classical music spurn melody?
State of the Nation: Zuma's jobs focus brings sighs of relief in South Africa
Hidden costs of light rail
Pakistan court extends detention of US official despite growing pressure from US
Online security: Viruses hit a third of EU computers
You don't need as much as you think
Vacation is closer than you think
Should a US company run Britain's libraries?
Egypt protests: Mubarak's going -- just not fast enough
American Idol Hollywood Week: Favorites Chris Medina and Casey Abrams make first cut.
Behind the facade of Gypsy Rose Lee
The Hidden Reality
Hosni Mubarak gets backing of Egypt's military: Who's really in charge?