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Monitor Articles for December 4, 2011

A decade on, what can the US accomplish in Afghanistan?
Emerging markets will boost oil demand: Petrobas
Early Russian polls show surprise setback for Vladimir Putin
McCain: Hispanic vote 'up for grabs'
A US citizen stirs up Pakistani 'memo-gate'
Ban Germany's right-wing NPD? Neo-Nazi revelations spark debate.
Six tips for successful home cooking
Is public support for the tea party movement fading?
Afghans weary of yet another summit ahead of Bonn Conference
Germans ask: Why doesn't eurozone like us?
Roast your own chicken. Your wallet will thank you.
Newt Gingrich surges in Iowa. Will it last?
Why Iran lashes out at West
Arab League gives Syria new deadline, threatens more sanctions
WWII bomb in Germany evacuates 45,000