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Monitor Articles for December 30, 2011

For stock market in 2011, the world was flat
Seven women who shaped the world in 2011
Forest fire cuts across Chilean Patagonia
Era of consumer backlash: Verizon cites 'feedback' and scraps $2 fee
The Arab League observer mission in Syria is likely to fail
2011 Reflections: the end of a landmark year for Latin America
Antiabortion ads from outlier presidential candidate raise eyebrows
New Year’s Eve: five ways to ring in 2012
Which GOP rivals would vote for Ron Paul if he's GOP nominee?
To win the future, heed this ginormous list of amazing (but overused) words
If Mitt Romney wins both Iowa and N.H., it may be 'game over'
2011 Reflections: Africa rises, taking charge of its affairs
Court rules for telecoms' role in domestic eavesdropping
More small firms expect to buy workers new iPads, tablets in 2012
The Monitor's View IMF chief Lagarde: Woman of the year in 2012?
How the 'Year of the Protester' played out in Europe
New Zealand's violent gangs try to clean up their act
The Iron Lady: movie review
Pariah: movie review
A Separation: movie review
Verizon to charge customers $2 for paying their bills. What gives?
Election 101: How an Iowa GOP caucus works
After all the street protests, India fails to pass anticorruption law
In Prague, a tale of communism past
Could giving the Taliban a street address bring peace to Afghanistan?
North Korea drama: Where are Kim Jong-un's brothers?
Opinion On the lookout for simple solutions, like cloth diapers
Six predictions for consumers in 2012
Samoa skips Friday in leap across international dateline
Russia says nuclear submarine fire is finally extinguished
Why Mitt Romney isn't balking at strong voter support for Ron Paul
In surprise landslide, Jamaican opposition wins back power
Opinion New Year's resolution: Seek the other side in political commentary
Parading back to Rio de Janeiro: the bookish and brainy
Israeli general hints at another Gaza campaign
New Year reset button
Herb and lavender-stuffed standing pork loin rib roast
20 non-fiction books to watch for in 2012