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Monitor Articles for December 3, 2011

Renewable energy: US probe 'protectionism,' China says
Credit card debt: Indebted mom wants to buy me a TV. Should I accept?
Smartphones: Senator queries Carrier IQ on privacy
How Herman Cain benefits from dropping out: Money and political power
Jobs are growing, period.
Atlantic hurricane season closes with 19 named storms
Herman Cain 'suspends' presidential campaign, effectively ending it
Emissions show rate at which Milky Way makes stars
Cover Story Mexico drug war casualty: Citizenry suffers post-traumatic stress
Mexico's other challenge: to burnish its brand
Pervasive insecurity in Mexico: If this isn't 'terror,' what is?
Payroll tax holiday isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing
President Obama sees popularity boost in Israel
As Barcelona bans bullfights, reeling Spain seeks its national soul
Unemployment: the drip, drip, drip of good news
Jobs report positive, but don't get too excited
Interview: Sandusky talks about Penn State's Joe Paterno, child abuse case
Guantánamo for US citizens? Senate bill raises questions
Road out of Afghanistan: On the ground with US troops in potential final push
Retirement: Fund the 401(k) to the max – or not?
Holiday shopping for your favorite foodie